Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Erk smalam MC wehh... Demam yang tidak disangka-sangka. Anyhting about demam these days make me shiver with fear... eheh... nahhh.. just being concerned of my health that's all. Post-OT, I should be watching my body temperature. The doctors said while waiting the blood clot to resolve, I have to make sure it's not infected or else there would be very very bad consequences. Sign to lookout for: fever. So imagine how miserable I was during the weekend. But then I had a very serious sore throat going on as well so it calmed me down a little bit. Sore throat always gives me heat in return. 2 tablets of Panadol work magics. But on Sunday I took them twice but the fever wasn't going anywhere near down. Couldn't help it but I was panic stricken for a while there. No way I could tolerate anymore since the project I'm coordinating is near it's end and in its peak at the same time. I was worried.

Today grumble no more. Kak Izan is back from her maternity leave (big YAY!!!) so I have backups now. Fever is gone but I'm determined to complete course for antibiotics (I'm still worried about the blood clot). Next month kena bayar road tax... Alahai kokak! Beli pc kena pospon.

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