Thursday, July 31, 2008


The other day I discovered a nifty craft shop here in Cyberjaya. I had noticed it before but had never actually went inside to have a look. The sign says it's a stationary shop so who would've thought I could find anything interesting there. I had some thoughts of what could've been in there since MMU is nearby but it wasn't strong enough to linger. I got excited over acrylic paints, fabric dye, batik colors, brushes and wires and shining glittering stuff... how long has it been since I came out with something creative. I think it was last year during blogathon. I was going to do something with buttons a while back but never materialised. =/

My old shoes, I should redecorate them or something.

Some of my old jeans, my shirts...

Anyway, I got excited over paints and brushes?? It's time I get myself a vaseline.

Gone to book a pedi session.

p/s: I should crochet sometimes but it's so difficult to find a good yarn store here in Malaysia. I bet there's a few in KL but I don't know how to find them. These people, expand your business la by providing online store.... haiya! I don't want to order from US with the shipping price is more than the actual price ok. Susah-susah sangat, contact me lah I can build one for you, I have experience with online payment. You know, one main reason why I don't crochet anymore is how susah it is to find a yarn store. I really want to pick up knitting but then again, the same reason. Such a hobby ruiner.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spam spam spam

Over 25 emails today for that CIO portal, all with content and gambar to be uploaded and all other minor works that came with it. Had to work on both English & Malay websites. It is so confusing I do better at picking between blue or pink blouse.

*all my jari krem already*

Disaster has struck.... in the form of AIPA and LIS...


*pengsan lagi*

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend activity

Well most of them spent watching tv but I took some time to make these! Stuffed mushrooms. Oh yum!


Also made chocolate muffin but no pics. I made more than we could eat so I brought some today for people at the office.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mana datang rambut panjang ni??

Last Monday I went to the airport around midnight to fetch my youngest brother coming back for his summer break. Our parents didn't know he was coming back that night. Mom has been especially waiting for his kenit to come home. Rindu la tu. Anak bongsu... I can only imagine all sort of food mom will cook for the next 3 months.

One year ago.


Last Monday.


The first thing he asked after sesi salam2 at the airport was "kedai buku bukak lagi tak?"

Kesian... deprived of his favorite past time. I'm sure whenever we go out here, the first thing he'll look for is a bookstore. And that pc in the middle room will be solely conquered by him, gaming.

Anyway, I saw Olympics advert on tv a few weeks back - so cool la weii....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ahhh I'm so green

Today and for the next 2 days I'll be in close contact with UPM people. They're from various faculties but I just couldn't help feeling envious with these people. I've always been jealous of academicians. Regardless of their field of studies, I've always been fascinated by the idea of working within a college campus - surrounded by brilliant people, such an honor lah. You meet and exchange ideas with all the Profs and Dr, what could be more exciting than that. I'm overreacting here simply because I've been wanting to get it and continue my studies. Alas, fate has something else stored for me everytime. I mean every damn time. According to plan, I should be somewhere pursuing my PhD right now fully sponsored with paid leave! Adeiiii thinking about it gives me headache.

Anyway, I'm not saying brilliant people only exist in universities. The place I work now has plenty of those. Just that, you know, it's been a dream and so far has not been fruitful. Tensen ok. Aaaaarrggghhhh!!! Bertambah tensen apabila terpaksa mengajar orang-orang dari mana-mana universiti. Going through the list I saw one dean of science faculty. Oh if I had been one of his daughters, alangkah senangnyer untuk dapatkan tempat! Not everyone in the class is academicians of course but they work within their vicinity which I feel ridiculous to feel jealous of but I do anyway. Stupid hormone.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A sign that the sky is gray...

...and I need a break.

I wear the wrong color for my tudung today. Whatever happens to justice in the world. Luckily it's beige, the color that can easily match with anything. If I had reached for something else say, red, I have no words to describe how it would've killed me. How I didn't notice it up until I reached office is beyond me, when I put it on in front of a full length mirror. Note that this had never happened to me before.

This is just a sign I need a break. Something is wrong in the milky way or somewhere. Stars not aligned or something - excuses to give out to people when actually it's been work work work all night and on weekends (not office work, before you smart asses get any wrong ideas). I need a weekend of not doing anything.

But anyway, it's just a piece of cloth. At least I got something on ....  :p

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Never have I seen such a beautiful thing that came in an old torn brown envelope

Hey it's already July! Feels like yesterday I just had March. Time flies, and actually I have an update.

I received the book during the weekend. Yay.


Last week I went to MPH after such a long time (with a guy) but couldn't stay long (because I was with a guy). But long enough to visit the New Arrival shelf. Browsing it as fast as I could (the guy was being restless), I could spot 3 books immediately that I want to read. How I miss books - such an odd thing to say but who cares. I love sobbing like there is no end when reading Nicholas Sparks'; laughing whole-heartedly when reading that book by that-very-gay-I-forgot-his-name man; blinking my eyes repeatedly in disbelief when reading The Da Vinci Code; and learning the military tactics and courage those guys had when reading Band of Brothers.

Magics, people, is one of the wonders on earth. And books certainly have them.



Stuffed Mushrooms.

It's so delish it's a sin to eat them. The pic only shows only 1/4 of them left. Delish delish delishhhh.... god awful truth. And it happened last weekend, we had this bbq thing at home. My mom made this mushies + potatoes thing that had similar taste. So now I have this grand idea.... muehehehehehehehhh.... *plans some critical stove-damaging cookery skills*