Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I never blog about my job? I mean putting up codes and stuff....

Fuh it's been a while. Much has going on but have no time to spill. So I'm just going to post some pointless pictures....

Oh yes, I'll mention one news though: the house I'm staying, it has no phone cable. Isn't that funny. When you take out that white cover thing and you'll discover a blank hole there, nothing of communication value available there. Isk! Penat aku register line tepon. Ni nak kena tarik wiring lain and it'll cost me a good RM150! Giler ape. Hmmpphh!!! Tak tau ape nak buat. In the mean time, I'm so restless having nothing to do at night.


Those of you who have never seen a batu giling before - I recommend you to get out more. And those leaves are henna. I don't get people putting in nasi la, serbuk cili la, serbuk kari la, serba serbi nak masuk to get it red. Just use the leaves la it will do all the work for you - but have to make sure you get them from the right kind of pokok. Only pokok yang bunganya putih are going to look good on your fingers - trust me.


Cheese biscuits are never my thing - yak! Berminyak and masin. I don't mean I don't eat anything with minyak in it, I just don't like the oily feeling on my fingers afterwards. The hassle of wiping it off everytime. Letih lah (I'm such a drama kan? hahahahah!). Peanut butter pun, I'm not crazy about it. One spread on a slice boleh la, itu pun a thin spread. But anyway, when you combine these 2 together - giler sedap ok!


This is a very magical beras to me. From experience, if you leave the cooked rice overnight and forget about it till noon the next day, a good chance that nasi is basi already. But not when it's Beras Faiza Emas! - free advertisement sini aaaa... but really, this beras giler bagus. Last night's nasi still good the next night - I'm telling you it's impossible but I saw it happened. And I don't mean put it in a container and shove it in the fridge. Leave it there out in the open, not even in an air tight container, I'm impressed. Bagus aaa brand Faiza ni.

One more thing. Beras Ponni Faiza is the greatest beras ever. Mahal skit la tapi sedap.

Back to the title of this post. Dah ending baru nak kupas topic. But anyway, you know I'm just wondering. I'm a developer but unlike so many others I'm helpless at blogging about the techie stuff. Maybe Adda has the answer.

Oooh I just got my business/call cards, whatever you want to call it. And it's ugly (lalalalalala) - tu la I don't know why they don't want to hire a designer.

On another note -
Happy Birthday mak!!

We got her a food processor. Ye lah sounds like 'we' but yang swipe is yours truly. Takpela mak punya pasal. She's been talking about it months already - pengaruh Martha Stewart.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Surat layang

Dear reader,

So happy today. Why you ask? Just found out that isolated place of mine here actually has internet connection available. Hard to believe but yes I'm ecstatic! All those boring nights.... watching endless tv... astro ria and kirana and prima and the like. I enjoy those channels la but not when it come to every night, every hour of my sad internet-deprived life. Change of channels would do me good. Eh tengokla discovery ke, national geographic ke, belajar french ke, tengok katun ke sekali sekala. Ni asik tengok aznil ngan tom tom bak nyer. First few times ok la but when every night boring la.

Sila abaikan komplen saya di atas. Saje nak menulis sebab terlalu ecstatic ok. Watch me spending (aka wasting) money on tmnet soon.

***me being silly*****

Monday, February 11, 2008

Of housemates

Now that I'm living with 2 other people I hardly know, I'm quite greteful that they're cool people. Not that hard to get along with, but there's still that attitude among 3 of us 'kau dengan hal kau, aku dengan hal aku'. Now they are not as harsh as it sounds but you know, it's like being polite all the time. That kind of environment don't really bring out the best in me.

I like it better when I was living with Adda and Siti. Among our conversations:

- "Weh alang-alang ko dah masak, masak banyak2 sket"
- "Alamak sos tiram dah abes, ko tolong beli"
- "Tolong tapau nasi katok satu aaa, aku malas kuar"
- "Aku amek sket paper ko"

We were free to say anything at each other. While not being rude, it felt better when I had the freedom to express myself to them. The good thing was that we understand one another, maybe not too well but well enough to know when to say things and how to say it, when to take advantage and when not to (lalalalala), so on and so forth. It's great to live with people who like we say 'tak berkira'. These kind of people usually kind hearted and generous and considerate and it's unfortunate if they ever fall under manipulative jerks (I pray for you guys not to). Siti and Adda are examples of people who do give and take well. I am proud to call them my friends.

Now back to current events, my housemates, I believe they have some sort of shield or something. Maybe because we hardly know each other so they build their guards up so high. I find myself have to think the words I should say to them before even saying it. 1) I'm afraid of what they may think of me since I got misunderstood all the time, 2) I'm not sure even if they want me to say something. Ugh I'm so bad at socialising.

That aside, we get along ok. Smiles and soft tone of voice all the time. Aiya letih!

When it comes to kitchen, it's like we have 3 sets of eveything - garam, gula, minyak etc etc. Bila pikir balik, kelakar la pulak idup camni. I mean, obviously barang tu dah ada, takyah le beli lain. Dah abis kang baru la beli ye tak. Mungkin diorang tak sure lagi kot masing2 macam mana pasal barang dapur ni but obviously you can always ask lah - "Saya tengok garam dah ada, awak punya ke? Kalau nak guna untuk masak boleh? Dah abis karang saya beli lain la". See how we still on saya-awak term, so very the schema still hehehehehe.

Dapur tu kecik je tapi barang banyak. Adeiiii penin. Funny what life throws at you sometimes. Well at least diorang ok so I think I'll be ok.

Monday, February 4, 2008


The last time I had a cough was when I was in Brunei. It was such a terrible experience since I had never had it so bad like that. Nothing worked. Went to see different doctors but both didn't have the effect I want. The cough just wouldn't seized. And then I found out about ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak and instantly addicted to it. What can I say. The effect was immediate. It didn't taste like medicine. And it put me off to sleep just like that. Hey I was in such horrible situation where my throat hurt like hell everytime I coughed. So relying on such drug was more than I could cope.

And now I have a cough and I strongly believe I got it from my dear housemates (lalalala). And it doesn't come alone does it. Along with it, come flu and fever. Now that fever has been taken care of, I'm left with flu and cough. Luckily it's not as bad as Brunei but nevertheless it's annoying. Having liquid in my nose is never a comfortable thing, and it has become a very efficient dust radar. I sneeze everytime I'm near it. It's tiring ler. Not to mention every morning I wake up with throat so sore I'm afraid to speak.

You know, when I was a teenager it wasn't that easy for me to get sick. But when I got sick it sure be a bad one. Why is it that when I was younger I only got sick like once or twice a year but when I'm all grown up possibility of getting a fever is next to getting my car serviced every 3 month period! Is it because I'm getting older? Aiya I'm still young lah.

Makes me wonder how is it going to be when I'm 30. Hmm...

Friday, February 1, 2008

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable


Couldn't stop laughing. Oh that poor bear.

But the article has a point though. It's a long one so take your time.

Read it here