Friday, July 29, 2005



Lookie people! What's this? How did that happen??

Found it accidentally. Comment qu'est-il arrivé ?

Je suis malaisienne pas plus ?? Soudain je suis française ?? Amuser!

OK back to earth.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Book Talk

I got myself a book yesterday. I went to Jusco to buy some baby stuff for Rose's newborn boy and book vouchers for Ammar. I couldn't help myself browsing through MPH and ended up buying a book. But peculiarly enough, it's a fiction. I don't usually read fictions. I was holding a biography that took me 1/2 hour to pick and this particular book just caught my eyes when I was walking to the counter. I turned it over to read the back cover and it appealed to me so much I put down the bio and took it instead. I didn't even flipped through the pages first.

Maybe it's the tearjerker factor that it has that drawn me to it. I've read first few chapters last night and I expect a lot of chuckles and tears coming my way. Oohh I've just realized maybe that is what my reading preference is, or movie preference for that matter. Tearjerkers. That explains a lot: why do I like movies like Cold Mountain or Moulin Rouge or Million Dollar Baby. Or why I read books like A Walk To Remember or Paradise. So that's why. It's my personality that I've known all along: I'm a very sentitive type of person - I can laugh and cry easily, I love little things that matter - I love to laugh and cry. I love anything that makes me to. It makes me feel human.

Wow. How did I miss this? Now the whole thing makes sense to me. I was wondering why, despite that I don't understand why people read fictions, while I love well written biographies, sometimes I read chicklits too. But I've always been picky.

Maybe things like this happen once in a while to make you realize of who you are. I was taken aback at my decision on the book but I didn't resent it. That made me think constantly about it. This is a life discovery! I'm glad that I found out while blogging. Certainly serves the purpose of writing on almost daily basis. OH IT FEELS GOOD TO KEEP A BLOG.

And I've just realized one more thing. I love chicklits!!! Not the boring fairy tale kinda story where the plotlines are predictable but those are witty (or has tearjerker fx in it...heh) or believable or tug at the heartstrings. OH IT FEELS GOOD TO KEEP A BLOG.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Last Sunday I was at Ammar's school, attending some parents meeting on behalf of my mother. Typical malaysian parents who always assume all is well and they trust the school 101% on all their children's wellfare, only to come back later shouting and all dissappointed at the school's management affecting their precious precious shoulda-been-greater-if-you-had-done-this-and-that all-perfect little students.... when they themselves don't participate in crucial meetings, all organized by the school whole-heartedly to prevent that from happening in the first place. Out of 180 form 4 students, less than 20 had their parents there.

Good school doesn't guarantee any of your child academic success people! Shouldn't anything that involves your children come first? Oh well. Lantakler. I was there representing my mom. Anyway that's not what I want to talk about here.

It's about Ammar himself. I went for the meeting. And left him in his class alone. I thought he was going back to his room and take a nap or something. I came out over an hour later and found him still there waiting for me! He's grown to a very sweet young man. I felt so proud. And of course touched. Any man who does that to me will make me feel the same. I'm not saying my Muaz and Munzir have never done that. It's just happened I'm blogging about it today.

Friday, July 22, 2005



Yesterday was Ammar's birthday. He's 16 but still my baby brother. What do you think is in the present??? Hmm.... thought of getting him the new Potter book but then he already got it at school. You give him any fantasy books he'd immediately bury himself under piles of them. And he reads fast too.


So what I'm gonna get for him?? More books I'm sure. Or plain book vouchers.

How many of men out there that really reads? Let's make the scope smaller shall we? How many malaysian men that actually into books? Not so many I take it. So that makes my brother one in a million. Oh so if you don't agree with me, take this


5 cent and go play. Buy some ice cream. Get over it. Teehe.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Traffic woes

I was stuck in traffic for over an hour yesterday for a 10 min journey! And the radio wasn't helping either. Around 7pm really I lost the luxury of listening to my favorite radio stations. The songs were crap around then and I was left with boring tapes. I swear if I had a laptop with me I could blog from the car. It wasn't moving. Not until I reached LDP bridge.

4am today I was awaken by the thump of my room's door slamming open. The wind did it. I couldn't sleep for a while aferwards because of the little heart attack. My mother must have had checked on me late last night and didn't shut the door properly. It was raining heavily and I fell asleep again in no time. I woke up early since I didn't want to get stuck in morning traffic. Rain=bad traffic. I was the first arrived in the office! hah!

Went to the cafe and found no food there. Aiyak! When's it gonna end.... Turned out they haven't arrived yet and I was sure it was because of the traffic jam.

Made myself a cup of nice mango tea. Slurrrp! Good start.

Monday, July 18, 2005


How bizarre it is when one session of chatting with a total stranger can uplift you emotionally. A decent chat of course. Other than that I always ignore.

He's not even a local. I don't usually do that because I can find comfort in fellow malaysians. Funny. I thought I was fine. I finally accept it that it's over between me and Bad. He's gone and I'll have to look forward to other things now. I have lots of patching up to do next.

Ame had her wedding today. I couldn't attend unfortunately. Hasn't top up my credit yet so I couldn't wish her over the phone. Damn.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I saw the news on tv last night. It was about over 120k people with minimum qualifications to enter IPTA, who can't got in because of lack of places. Interviews went around and I heard some of them said they were dissappointed since they've worked so hard, stayed in school for over a decade and they ended up with nothing. Or something like that.

One point here: what you did wasn't good enough no matter how hard you consider you've toiled and burnt your midnight oil. Realize what matters in first impressions here. They don't have time to scour through all your complaints on this simply because it's not relevant. They'll take only the top scorers. Yeah funnily enough how they manage to still miss them in their scholarship programs is beyond me, but still the point is you're not on the top. So it's your own fault not gaining places to IPTA. Come on people - result driven!

Hence my number two point: raise whatever the minimum bar is to a higher level. So only the creme de la creme is being offered the best education.

Number three: even if they manage to cater all 120k, provide some kind of assurance of employment upon graduation.

Number four: it's probably out of topic but Malaysia needs to focus more on research. Increase more funding. Where's the glory having famous landmarks of the world, not malaysian made? The brain and workforce is not local, what's so great about it? The vision is there and nodded at but the actual people working on it is sadly outsiders. Hey you could increase demand in employment and serves my number three.... ngeeeee....

I'm condemning both students and government here. Ooh that's cold when I myself was a student and living under the same law. My selfish sensless alter ego is taking over. It's probably the hunger. I should stop shouldn't I?

Well well well. I'm going for lunch!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Weekend summed up

I was out of town since Thursday and just got back here yesterday. Now that all my brothers are gone and safe in their places, it's down to only me and mom at home. How quiet. So many things happened during the weekend so I'm just going to brag it all about it here one shot.

It's not like I just got to know about it but it pissed me off so bad I had to jot it here. I hate the way Penang bridge looks these days. It's one of main attractions and now it's like driving through a tunnel! People wants to see the breathtakingly beautiful view but they're so clever they blocked the sight. I believe the reason behind it is to not have traffic jams due to the typical attitude of kepohci's slowing down to kepoh2 on acidents on the other side of the road. Which leads me to number 2.

Oh man the Penang traffic during peak hours! If only I could fly and escape the agonizing torture of it. During this hours you won't see any empty spaces on the road that are not spared by the drivers. The result is something like 10 lanes are trying to become 2. Massive traffic jam. Not to mention the samseng2 gentlemen and ladies alike. Haiya.. nightmare. No offense penangites. Thank god I'm in KL where the traffic is still bearable.

Since we don't have Astro at home, while in Penang last Saturday was my first time wacthing AF. I was wondering what was the buzz all about. Yes I know the existence long ago but I failed to see how is it going to help me to become rich? heh! And for the first time I saw Mawi, the most celebrated student. Wow he's good. His voice is something.

Earlier that day I saw the newspaper's headline. The bombing at London. I don't understand these people. What do they get out of killing innocent people?

My brother and I went to BJ for his campus stuff. It's been long and I made it a point whenever I was there I had to get the VCD's/DVD's. I used to get clear good movie vcd's there once. The best buy was the Band of Brothers set for RM25. Well that was waaaayy before the nationwide cetak rompak campaign. I believe it has nevertheless sprouted back rapidly. Who can blame them. I for one got myself 8 DVD's for RM56....muaahahahahahahahh! Me and my entertainment-exhausted self. Who can blame me.

Oh yes I stumbled upon Fuji booth as well. Got interested to buy one digital camera. Seriously tempting. The guy there was enthusiastically explaining and demonstrating when in the end I changed my mind. Sorry ya guy... it was part of your job scope anyway... eheheh... My concious didn't allow me to spend.

On way back home yesterday, there was a unusual traffic at NKVE Shah Alam toll plaza. I was stunned they closed the all routes on NKVE to Klang. Later on I found out about the collapsed flyover in construction. Luckily no one's dead. In turn today the Federal looked pretty bad catering to all for Klang-KL motorists.

Received PPS little tee upon arriving home. Made my day!

Hmm.. I'm in the age range where my friends are sending wedding invitation cards to each other. Truly, can't afford decent gifts for all of you dear friends. I'll work out on something though. In the mean time, for you joyful newly wedded couples (or going-to-be's), have fun! I'm dedicating this to you. I don't know whether it's probably because of Gwyneth or the lyrics (or both), I love this wicked song!

Just My Imagination
Gwyneth Paltrow & Babyface

Each day through my window I watch him as he passes by
I say to myself I'm so lucky he's so fly
To have a boy like him is truly a dream come true
Out of all the girlies in the world, he belongs to you

GP & B:
But it was just my imagination
Runnin away with me
Tell you it was just my imagination
Running away with me

Soon we'll be married and raise a family
Have a cozy little crib in the country with two children maybe three
I tell you I can visualize it all baby
It couldn't be a dream cause too real it all seems

GP& B:
Everynight on my knees I pray, dear lord hear my plea yea
Don't ever let another take his love from me or I will surely die
Heavenly when your arms unfold me, I hear the tender upsity
But in reality, he doesn't even know me

Of course it's not only a mere imagination anymore is it? Happy couples, I wish you all the best and may this be a start to a wonderful journey.