Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bebelan alaf ini

OMG giler lama tak visit friend's blogzzzz. Ape jadi ngan diorang ni?

I need internet access at home now! Mati kutu betul lah.

We need to move out of the house by the end of July - courtesy of self-centeredness of niece of the landlord. Sangat sangat sakit hati ok. She's already settled and cosy one level below us. Anyway, lantakla dia. When she moves in, rumah tu akan jadi kosong. All kitchen appliances are not your uncle's lah, please. Astro and everything there are all ours - so toksah berangan sangat nak lepak on the sofa after tiring hours at work sambil goyang kaki menonton siaran Astro Ria tu ye. Get your own, that and the fridge and stove and everything. Rumah bersih sebab kitorang jaga lah. Macam mana korang jaga rumah korang sampai pintu bilik boleh terkopak. Blok baru jek naik setahun, apasal cepat sangat tombol tercabut. Ganasnyer anak dara.

Kalau balik rumah tak penah mengemas sebab tu lah rumah berhabuk, barang bersepah sana-sini. Dinding putih pun boleh jadi kelabu.  Takyah susah-susah letak tiles kat lantai kalau nak rumah kemas. Lantai simen pun kalau letak tikar getah, dijaga baik-baik, rumah pun nampak bersih.


Tensen aku.

Thank god I didn't get that man to fix the phone wires or hati akan panas jek bila tengok orang takde timbang rasa dapat kemudahan free-free. A hunch not to get streamyx cepat-cepat awal tahun dulu is not just a hunch. Ada sebab rupanyer.

Sape-sape tau ada rumah available for 3 of us (we are clean and neat people), let me know okay. Within reasonable driving distance from Putrajaya/Cyberjaya. Move in early August.

Aaaaaaaa satu keje plak nak kena cari rumah lain!

Friday, June 20, 2008

What happens to facebook account?

My vampiric existence was no longer a primary focus in life. I had been abandoning my future career as a fanatic facebooker for more than a month already. That's a looooooong time my facebook friends had not been assaulted/harrassed/annoyed/flirted with/fought. I'm going to embark another journey soon, resurrecting whatever is dead and stalled. I'm going to start spamming friends with hundreds of baskets/eggs/snowballs/pokes/you name it I'll do it muahahahahahhaha!

Anyway, feeling like going to the malls again. Not for buying stuff, only to see what's going on in that world again. I haven't been in touch and that's just so not kind you know. I've also been looking for that big big mug but to no avail. So it seems for future mug-owners, this is such a bad news. Buy a bowl and attach the ear at the side ok tak? You get the same effect... hehe... in jest, in jest.

Feeling like shopping for groceries. I like taking stuff and throw them in the trolley. Get home and cook... yum yum.. thinking all the food I want to cook. I'm kinda hungry lah at the moment. Chicken and mushrooms in oyster sauce. Blackpepper shripms. Fuh! Ok pop that cloud now.

And also I feel like buying books. Such a long time since I opened a book before bedtime and read. Stupid work I must say kept messing with my mind, couldn't have deep baby sleep these days. I want to reread all Harry Potter's. It's dangerous if I walk in to any bookstores now, so I resolute to reread existing old books. That should do it right? As to not making empty promises (lalala...) let's see if I can fit the books somewhere before sleep. Hmm... *deep in thought*

Friday, June 13, 2008

It has all come down to this

If my pocket allows it:
Somerset Bay

If not *sigh*:
Reject Shop
a whole lot others at Jusco Bukit Tinggi

Girls will always be girls.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a rush!

It's been such a long time since I last shopped for clothes - my clothes. As far as I can remember it was January. Anyway, yesterday 4 keping melayang. Ataupun yang lebih tepat lagi adalah plastik keras telah diswipekan dengan sewenang-wenangnye....grrr!

I have been under this strict program "Ke arah balance sifar!" or at least "Ke arah balance kurang daripada 1000!"... So far I was excelling and moving fast towards the goal but yesterday was such a program ruiner. I couldn't stand looking at those pretty pretty bags ok. Tergoda.

Actually the purpose I went to the mall was to buy stuff for my brothers - their baju raya (don't be surprised - it's been a habit in the family to get everything done early and avoid the crowd later) and a gift for Mueh for getting 4.0 CGPA recently (my brothers are all brighter than I am, whom I'm so proud of). The sales signs were everywhere I couldn't leave without snatching a thing or two for myself. In the end I got three....heheheh.... I had item number 4 in mind but my mind told me to stop. A little bit of control would do me good in the long run right.

I loved what I felt walking through the mall. You know in a way I'm thankful Adda is not my roommate anymore hahahah or she would have morphed me into this psychotic shopper. Tambah2 lagi now that she owns that plastik keras too... ;P


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Minyak naik harga!

I'm a bit late in blogging about this (I'm sure every other malaysia blog blogs about it, in one way or another), so not missing out on the fun, here goes.

In reaction to the topic , in two words - so what?

In much longer elaborated one, do you expect the price would stay the same forever? Please don't get me wrong, regardless of tanggungan we all have, I feel the burden just as the same as you do. I clinched at the thought of having to fork out that extra 41% every month. I, too, worried about which expenses I have to cut from now on. I also started wondering about alternatives of transportation means that ended up with me imagining things like having elf-like powers. So, for me, on the spot reaction is like what the hell. But right after calming down, I came to this conclusion - you can never get everything you want. Accept that and you'll be happy.

So like I said, we can't expect everything to stay the same way forever. They change over time. We get old, car engines get cranky, the white paint on the walls now yellow, favourite jeans won't fit anymore, you get the idea. That's why your parents aks you to save, or plan ahead. Not just planning ahead with current lifestyle in mind but also for those unexpected rainy days. You'll never know what life can throw at you sometimes. Today you're healthy, tomorrow (god forbid na'uzubillah) you find out you have brain tumor. Or, today you're happy, tomorrow your husband you depend on all this while is taken from you. Or, today it's RM1.92, tomorrow it's RM2.70. What are you going to do then?

People has been complaining but guess what. It's not about how much you complaint, but it's about how you work you way around it.

I'm not denying your right to speak up your mind. But how far will it take you? You are angry but still you have to pay. At the end of the day, you're still miserable. Why choose to be in such stress? Calm down.

Yes we didn't put ourselves in this situation, the government did. We have no choice but have to pay. Exactly my point there. We have no control over it, why put so much thought on it? Channel that energy at helping your kids to succeed at school, or make your wives happy, or work hard so you get that bonus, isn't that much more rewarding?

Let the top government people decide what's best for us, we're the ones who put them there anyway. It's not easy to be a leader you know. In Islam, being a leader means one foot in hell, another one in heaven. So it's easy to fall to either one. If they did us wrong, they would have the consequences. Quran and sunnah say so - why worry?

Ok so I'm going to stop here before everyone else thinks I don't have problems with high petrol price. I pay with a very heavy heart. But now I don't think much about it anymore. I have better things to do to occupy my time like playing games and finding new recipes these days.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh look it's Tuesday, a working day

I have just spent a day in the conference room, listening and daydreaming. What a good way of spending time lah.

I'm exaggerating I know but I'm tired laaaa. Tomorrow have to be cikgu, for 3 days some more! When am I going to do some real work. I'm so out of tune right now -- feeling so miserable. I need some thing to focus on. Oh yeah tomorrow night should be a good one, meeting a friend, makan-makan, borak-borak, gelak-gelak and sambung makan-makan lagi. So anyone who will be in Kelana Jaya tomorow, if you happen to see me, pretend we don't know each other and walk away ok. I need the privacy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Of punch cards

You know what would definitely take off the burden having to come to work at certain time everyday? Take it away and let us the hardworking employees be happy. Truly, we're less stressed out if we don't have to be on time (to put it literally). I remember my time before in SYABAS where every damn morning I have to worry if I was going to be late that day. Then I moved on to a small IT setup and guess what, even though I abused the non-existent of punch card system sometimes, I still could complete my work on time. Hey abusing to me doesn't mean being late 2 hours - that's the CEO's job.

Maybe this is different to anyone else but for me, having to constantly be reminded of work when I wake up every morning, and worrying about it is not going to start off my day well. And throughout your journey to work, if you know you're going to be late, you're going to feel your feet heavy on the gas pedal... and kutip saman along the way possibly.

You think if I wake up early, all this trouble will go away? That's where you're wrong my friend - I still have to make sure I make it to work on time. I think too much sometimes so blame my genes for that. Suffice to say, the mere existence of a punch card system is a nightmare and it would take me a serious amount of time to adapt. So far I think my record shows I was late 3 or 4 times, usually because I travel from Klang sometimes. Urrghhh... talking about this is depressing so I won't talk about it no more. That's it bebeh I'm not going to ruin my day further... :p