Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nymeria at 4 months old

Here she is at 4 months old. She's eating alot! She is recovering from ringworm fantastically! To see her no longer scratching every second is wonderful. Recovering from ringworm is such a long process and just tedious. I have found out that patience is key when dealing with sick pets. The fur has started to grow. Now she looks more like a British Shorthair - dense fur and stocky body. 

I took her to see the vet this morning coz I saw a few ringworm spots on her body. New spots! Noooooooo! I believe that is because I did not give her any meds for past 2 weeks. And really, I am not happy recalling getting ringworm from her last time. I have scars along my right hand now (stupid things people do for love huh).

Dr. Sharon gave her a jab for that and prescribed some meds for her endless flu. Hopefully she'll recover soonish. I'm tired of her sneezing on my face.... 

She likes to be near me when I'm working on
my laptop
Priceless facial expression. Hahaha!

Updated my vimrc

I'm using these vim plugins now:
  • pathogen
  • MRU
  • Grep
  • Command-t
  • TagList
  • VCSCommand
  • surround
  • phpcomplete
  • lustyjuggler
  • repeat
  • Tasklist
  • phpcs
  • snipMate