Friday, November 30, 2007

When everyone is here

Aaahhh I like it when everyone is online - opis meriah. Kalau tak mesti banyak offline, kat site la ape la. And the Pandion would look soooo dull I can't even describe how dull it is. Look at this, berwarna-warni I so the like ok. Hehehehheheheh... giler suker tengok sume colleagues ada!


Today we all went to TGI for lunch, Ganee said it's to show LAVA appreciation for all our hardwork all year long. Aiyak, come to think of it, if I leave, year end bonus tak dapat kot. Uwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! All those work, all those late nights. Everytime I think about it, I feel so terrible.

During get together like this (which happens alot aka lunch break), they would talk endlessly about coming projects and big plans and this and that. I can't take it any longer, feeling so out of place. Even though I'm still here but I feel like an outsider already. Ah so sad. Usually when this happens, I would always think of the rest of my colleagues - in so many different levels, their personality, their good jokes and bad ones, their professionalism and hardwork, they are just the greatest colleagues around.

I still owe Ajeed lasagna. Aiyak that reminds me of grocery shopping - bila plak nak pegi nih. Have to hurry before he goes to Terengganu for that big project. Weh Adda, nanti ada masuk opis sini tak before the 9th? Karang termiss la plak makang2.


Janice ada bawak camera tapi tak bagitau... cehhhh.... Rugi tak amik gambar time makan2.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dozing off

What a busy week. I haven't slept well for over 3 days in a row now. All for that TN rebranding thing, migrating stuff and all. The thing is we have very tight deadlines. And since it involves lots of users during the day, we have to do it by night. And during the night we did it, all the way until wee hours in the morning. My back hurts. My head is spinning. My eyes are popping out.

Am I complaining? No, because there is not enough reasons to complaint about. It's not everyday. In fact it is actually seasonal. Last time when I had this kind of work was when we were doing Mofaz. That was what, in March? February? Before that it was Sismi (hmmmppphh!).

I've accepted the nature of my job and I've said it many times before that I love my job. I talk about it alot (just like any other woman - you don't have to understand what we really saying), but I get my job done. I sound like I'm complaining but actually it's to get it off my chest. Ridiculously busy and hectic it may be, but I'm loving every minute of it. The best thing is, my managers are excellent. He allowed us to work from home. He gave me and Janice a day off today, since we've been working on it like all hell have broken loose. So thank you for being understanding. In fact I should be sleeping right now but I remember about the condition of my blog here (I recently moved to a new host). Somehow in the middle of it all I lost touch with the world around me. Luckily it was only for awhile.


This tiny little creature makes Nuhaa really happy.

Ok I'm going to hit the sack and fall in a deep deep deep sleeeeeep.

UPDATE: well well well we've received this email congratulating everyone for their parts in the project, only it is very sad to look at the mention on LAVA - a mere 'Special mention to our partners Lava for assistance during migration works'. Excuse me, but an assistance?? We were not on standy, but we were working. Can you make out the difference between the two? We were working our asses off! As in constantly having headaches troubleshooting, skipping meals and not sleeping while at it. We never took our hands off the keyboard. Well excuse me for being so emotional but we did the most part of the work, if not same as your team. This is what happens when credits is not given when it's due. Sucks big time. You should work more on your complimenting skills... isk panas panas...

And thank god for Ganee. Calms me down. Yeah give him a piece of your mind the next time you see him, that ungrateful over privileged Skali employee.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Daily routine

In the morning, my alarm rings. I get up. I look at the time. Snooze. Then I take a pillow, hold it and lie back down. I close my eyes and usually I fall back into sleeping.

After 6 minutes my alarm rings again. I get up. I look at the time. Snooze again. The same process repeats.

Another 6 minutes, it rings again. And the same process repeats.

Again another 6 minutes. Now I'll really look at the time and this is when I know whether I'm going to be late or not. What happens after this really depends on that. If I know I'm going to be late, I'll get the kelambu out of my way and put out one feet out of bed and force myself to stand up. If not, I'll just press snooze again. So let's say I know I'm going to be late.

What happens next usually involve me checking myself in the mirror first, comb my hair abit, tie it if necessary and then going to the shower. I'll spend around 15-20 minutes (mandi and putting on my lenses) and after drying myself, I'll stand in the middle of the room pondering what to wear that day.

So let's just say it's a normal working day and I'm feeling lazy to walk out of the room to iron something. I take a look at my jeans and I'll play mix and match in my head (jeans + baju + tudung). After I know what I'm going to wear, I reach for my body lotion and slather it on. Then I put on some face moisturizer. I grab the jeans and the baju I want and put them on. I'll go back to the mirror and put on some light make up. I reach for my tudung and put it on. Then I spritz some wangi wangian, put on my watch and take a last look at full length mirror.

Then I pack up my laptop into the backpack. Reach for my phone on the bed and put it inside my handbag. I'll switch off the lamps and walk out. I find my car keys, put my stuff inside and turn on the ignition. I'll walk back inside the house looking for food (if any) and salam mak + abah. I open the gate and drive out.

Then I spend some time on the road, passing through real uncivilized territory, to get to work.

When I got to the office, first I unpack the backpack and set up the laptop. I switch it on. While waiting for it to log me in, I make myself a drink. I check my mail. Check my facebook. Then I'll use up all my fight points to beat down werewolves, zombies and slayers that day. I'll check if there's any favor I should return (sending baked items, smileys, pokes, answering some true/false questions etc). The rest of the day is spent sitting on my chair looking at the screen and working, up until it is time to go back - hardly any physical activity involved.

Going back home, I'll face the same primitive, ungodly territory.

I arrive home and after locking the car and the gate, I go straight to my room. I take out my phone from my handbag and throw it on the bed. I take off my tudung. Wash my face and put on glasses. I change to my comfy tee and pants. I go to the kitchen and have my dinner. During this time I have my daily tv treats. After that, depending on how my day has been, either I'll take a shower or skip it. If I didn't have enough sleep the previous night, I'll just go to sleep. If not, or if I have urgent matters to look into (as most times) I'll set up my laptop and sit at my desk, working it out. Most of the time I won't be online on YM. But some friends know how to get in touch - they'll find a way.

I'll switch off the main lamp and turn on my bedside lamp instead. This is my most relaxed time. Either I have work to do or not, the laptop will be on. I may continue watch tv or catch up on reading but I let it switched on. Sometimes I have music playing softly in the background but the room is dimly lit, the way I like it best.

When it strucks 12, I climb into bed. Pull down the kelambu, pull up some covers, and go to sleep. I don't need to set the alarm since it's configured for everyday.

If the next day is a working one, the whole thing repeats itself. If it turns out to be a day off/weekend, it's a whole different routine, mostly involving me still curling in bed till noon....lalallala.... hey blame it on the curtains. They're thick they're blocking the light from coming in so it looks like it's still dark out.

Don't know why on earth would you be interested in reading this post but I suddenly realize today how routin-ic I have been. It's the same thing everyday. How ignorant have I been. How typical. If I skimmed through my day like I just did, I know now more than ever that I need a life (ahhh ni yang kena buat rebonding ni). Splurge some, gain some. I need some adventure. Maybe some weird shoes that I never going to wear just to say someday "Hey I had that once".

"I painted my nails once but oh so pain in the ass nak makan nasi tak boleh guna tangan. And what a waste of money because end of period week you kena remove it. But hey, I did it once."

"I bought a RM600++ pair of baju kurung I really like once. Still fits but only wear it like 3 or 4 times in this lifetime. But hey, I bought it. Says something don't you think?"

"I went to french classes before. Yeah met some really cool french people, speaking french with them, and not to mention the ridiculous fees I have to pay every term. Yea I had some offers to go visit them in France during summer, but I turned them down. You know how it is when you're too busy socializing you forgot about the offer. But you know what, I was good in french."

"I signed up for a dance class last time. Yea I can recommend you a good dance teacher. If you ever want a partner, I'm happy to fill in the space. You want me to instruct you? Yeah sure. I did that once."

Ok I don't know why I have this thoughts but it's fun hahahahahaha.

Aahhhh the fine luxury of bragging - you don't even realize you're doing it.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Ok right now I can't contain my excitement.

[1] I got new tiger mouse! Hahahahah thanks Janice. The mouse is so like her, she likes anything cartoon-like things so ok I don't mind having a piece to remember her by. Not that she needs anything to have people reminded of her lah. The mouse is soooo smooth I'm so in love... - this is insane.

[2] Not so excited about this one but hey, I got new Microsoft Office 2007 installed today. Fullamak I'm so impressed. Not someone who puts Microsoft above anything else, I have to give it to them. Nice. It took me a while to accept that maybe they're doing a great job - I didn't like Vista at all when I first had to use it. But it turns out nicely, haven't given me any major problems integrating with other software. So, ok lah. As long as you don't give me problems and I can get my ob done, I have no quarrels.

[3] Abah tolong cucikan kete ari ni. Ok I'm not excited about this, I'm embarrased. I forgot to wash it during the weekend - busy lah with work and cooking and baking for Mueh. The car was in a state of beyond hygenic. Covered with dirt and dust I think you can make a dust drawing on the windows.... ah you knowla it's been raining lately. So this morning when I let the engine warm up for a while, abah tarik the hose and kain and started washing... ala abah... heheheheheh.... tenkiu. Senyum melebar je laaaaa.....

Layan hormon jap

Have you heard Me & Mrs Jones, Michael Buble's version?? Oh god I'm going to die. I could listen to it over and over and over again. I'm so attached to the song right now. Never mind it's about cheating people (alalalla), I can't stop feeling weak listening to him singing it.

I'm such an oldie at heart. I don't know if I'm qualified to say I like jazz because the jazz artists I seem to know only include Buble, Norah Jones and Jamie Cullum. Something about jazz is it's like it can be slow, cute, fast beat, cheeky, sad, sexy, dirty or simply happy. So much variety coming from one kind of music. And the lyrics are so simple and easy to remember, they sound fun and catchy. I don't think any other music can have lyrics like "Tell me when will you be mine. Tell me quando quando quando?" or "I won't dance, don't ask me. I won't dance, Madame, with you".

I first came to really like Buble when I first heard Home more than a year ago. The song is spectacular of course but more important thing is his voice. I got the same feeling like that time I heard Siti in that Puteri Gunung song -- alahai merdunya. I never noticed it earlier because he was always in very upbeat songs. Those music can play tricks on your ears especially the musically untrained ones like mine. You can hardly say Home is a jazz song but nevertheless, I don't think anyone else could have sung it better than he does. Seriously.

He probably succeeds in making it look easy and effortless but his songs are not easy to sing. He does alot of covers of other great artists, and those too are difficult songs - "A Song For You", "Fever", "Try A Little Tenderness" etc.

Ooh help! Nights like this, when it's raining, with dimmed lights, listening to slow songs, to that voice. Perfect perfect song to slow dance to (guys you should learn how to dance ~~~~). How can anyone have such mesmerizing voice?? Merayu-rayu alahai...

Friday, November 9, 2007

I smell death

I'm pronouncing my mouse as dead. After a year long service (only a year ah????), it is now has found it's final resting place -- under my bed. Was it worth RM40++? Only my next has yet acquired mouse will tell. Alaaa malasnye nak pegi beli lain.... someone pegi tulon belikan bleh??? Adda, ko cari mouse elok2 sket, karang time AGM bawak sekalilah, kang aku bayar balik.... lalalalala...

But until then I'll be using this bulky aka sangatla ugly ler tak terkata (and clicking punya la tak smooth and noisy) thing I saw sitting somewhere kat printer server. So I take lah... As long as it works baby I don't care.

Yesterday was Deepavali and I forgot to bring it home so I had to use the touch pad all day. Lenguhnya ya ampun! So bulky pun bulky lah as long I'm not hurting meself.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Urgh the pain

Waking up with your abdomen feels like it's trying to stretch a mile apart, sakit laaaa. Ah the 'privilege' of being a woman. Usually I like it when it rains when I wake up. But this time it's different because the colder it gets the crazier it gets ok. Sakit sakit sakit! Huh.

I can't wait to get today over with. When the clock strucks 12am, the pain will suddenly stop. Funny lah this biological thing. And it differs from a person to the other. I'm lucky I only have to face this one day from the rest of the period week. Some people can't even walk and for some, they have to endure for more than 1 day. So you see, an MC per month is quite reasonable don't you think. Heh!

Anyway, had quite a talk with Ganee yesterday. He's asked me to give it another thought. I felt so happy when he said that I don't know why. Maybe because some of the things he said - I feel my work and my presence here is being recognized. It's like your feelings is being validated if you know what I mean lah. I know we're all appreciated here but listening to your manager firsthand saying it to you - it is a different experience, entirely.

Different enough to make you rethink your decision.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I wonder...

I'm looking at my friends' profiles. Gone were the days where all their points is 0. Now it's like 3333 for movies, 4445 for tv shows, 200 vampire points and whatnot etc. I bet they've been using up their opis time to do it all. There are loads and loads of other apps inside there and god knows how much time they spent on each one.

But I don't blame them. I truly understand how it can be addictive. Today I logged in my facebook account and saw some pokes and answered some true/false questions - during which I laughed every so often looking at the questions and the pokes. So that makes it fun.

Some people just have the drive to stay on top of the list so they work hard at it. Invites, answering quizzes, fights etc. When you're addicted, you're addicted.

I don't know lah how these people get lots of points so fast. But congrats anyway lah... shows how much you NOT work kat opis hahahhahah...

Anyway, AGM is coming soon. I believe good news are coming for all the Lavarians (bonus bonus). But nothing for me I guess since I'm leaving. Truth be told, I'd like to have an mc on that day so I won't feel too discouraged. It's hard you know, being surrounded by good people and share with them the good news and celebrate it and be jolly and happy and fat and everything. Of course I'll do that anytime with them but just a bad timing.

So you see what John Mayer has been saying in his song is right - "bad news never has good timing".

Friday, November 2, 2007

It's official

I'm leaving LAVA. Sad. I had all the intention of staying here for a long time if had not it been for the offer. But that's just how things happen in life, sometimes they surprise you with good news, sometimes they don't. In my case, I have no clue what this signifies.

Anyway, I'm so jealous like hell when I heard my friends' jobs as lecturers or taking up their master's/PhD. Aiyak tak tertahan lah kejelesan yang amat membara ni. But you know what, patience is a virtue. With hard work and perseverance I may get the same thing one day.


From left (standing): Bab (brand new dad), Fahmi (manga fan), Malik (taiko), Ganee (sensitive guy), Zul (tokey ebook), Mun (joomla apprentice), Ika (the person behind all the designs) , Syuk (big boss lah)
From left (sitting): Nuhaa (ahem), Adda (crazy rocker chic), Janice (tn tn tn), Ajeed (rosemary)

update: eh bila pulak Gmail upgrade their storage ni?? dulu ada 2GB je skang dah 4.5GB! muahahahahhahah truly Google understands my needs.