Thursday, May 12, 2005


Received wedding invitations yesterday, 2 of them. Former uni roommate is getting married. My good and trusted friend!! Alahaiiii I assure you the groom is lucky to have her as his bride. Even my mother berkenan but then she doesn't have any son of her age... kih kih.... Not that age matters though. What surprises me is she's tying the knot with someone from Klang! She's Kelantanese and I heard she said over and over she wanted to get married with someone from there as well. Hmmm... I think she met him in campus. So tak dapek la nak gi Kelantan, have to do with Klang instead. 5 Jun 2005 I'm booked so no call-call one please.

My former high school classmate's is on the 11th Jun @ Hotel Singgahsana PJ, 8pm. Err... rasa macam ader member Tipah keje situ jer. Ehem! I've RSVP for 2 seats when I have no idea who should I allow to tag along. Takut gi sensorang nyer pasal. Tipah, free ke haaa 11hb nih?? Mehla ikut. Ke ader appoinmen lain?? Ehem ehem. Kalau tak pegi rasa tak betul pulak since she visited me at Pantai previously, terharu lah...huhu.... The groom is some kerabat raja, probably there will be lots and lots of bling bling going on that night, something I haven't been able to accustomed myself to.

Couples of engineers and doctors are getting married. Part nak beli hadiah ni yang leceh. Slalu kasik voucher jer...

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