Thursday, December 29, 2005

Looking up

We were scrounging the store room under the stairs last night. I found abah's stuff very interesting. We found abah's paperwork on his presentation on using the asbestos cement pipe in Sijangkang like 10 years ago. The slides are still in good conditons. Also there are stacks of his books while he was studying. I believe those were his textbooks. Lots and lots of water supply resources. I got to know his writing when he was younger than I am. hehe.

And on that night also I learned that besides his engineering degree, he also has 2 diplomas from UKM! One in Pengajian Islam and the other in Pengajian Al-Quran. I knew he was studying but I did not know he was working his way on diplomas. He was taking Bahasa Arab (UIA) when he was taken away from his family. He would've succeeded had he finished it but alas. Never mind that. When there's a will, there's a way. From someone who didn't understand arabic at all, now he can translate Quran literally word by word - harfiah la. Wow. He beat me! I think he's a qualified khatib - he attended a course on it. Hmm... not sure, will ask mak.

The point is, he has achieved so many. I'm so jealous. Studying part time pon, he worked hard to get what he wanted. I think my parents have showed me how to live my life lah. Belajar selagi boleh. Be an educated person. After all, sahabat nabi sume educated. Cuma education jer berlainan. Diorang sume pandai hal ehwal agama. Tapi later after zaman sahabat nabi, banyak muslim scholars yang juga wali at the same time.

I'm so in awe. How do I accomplish more than what he has, if not the same? Kecik nyer rasa diri ni.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Went to Penang to send Otel back to his place during the weekend. Everytime we're there BJ is a must place to go. Clear DVD's for RM5 (last time it was VCD). PC games - I believe we already have almost all of them. So just imagine the time when I was there studying a few years back. I was like in heaven. I knew every movie there was. My brothers asked me to buy this game and that. I was a gamer to but gradually lost interest due to other commitments at hand.

When I got back home, I was dumbfounded and entertainmently exhausted. Cinemas only cured a tiny weeny part of it. The thing is I watch movies over and over and over again. So if I want to watch it again I had to go to buy tickets which is not cheap if Ammar + Otel tag along. It's kinda a package thing - you do this and you'll do that also. You know there'll always be lunch or dinner and places like that don't have kedai mamak. Which usually left me with KFC, McD, Nando's, Kenny Roger's and the like... And my brothers, oh they're quite a high maintainance. They'll pick places like Nando's, Starbucks, etc. Good food always come with a good price you know what I mean lah. But being my brothers have the advantages so there. Hey I'm not complaining since I know how much they're gonna pay me back when they start working...eheheheh...

Back to the movies, yeah it was always fun going to BJ. Not to mention the baju there. I got myself 4 lovely lovely tops for work for RM80. 11 DVD's for RM50! And some bucks for 4 PC games. Talk about splash it all out baby. And on the way there we stopped by at Parit Buntar and I got really expensive looking baju kurung for RM35.... muahahaha...soronok aku wehhhh.... People here are so not gonna believe so why not just humor them. Hmmm... what should be the price tag? Usually baju kurung of that kind - RM150... *evil laugh*.... ok ok... The point of the whole story here is you can find anything you want if you know where to look. This applies to everything in life.

I got a meeting going on in half an hour. So, it's good to back in KL.

Friday, December 23, 2005


yeyeh esok UAT!!! Leh balik cepat dah pasni. End user kata good system so aku sungguh la LEGA. Senyum tak ke sudah. Ada tawaran KFC tertunggak yang perlu dilangsaikan. Esok leh lah. Oh yeah for those who don't know yet, I can eat KFC every other day - 2 piece H&S with coleslaw + orange juice. Yeap believe me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I've finished The Da Vince Code. What a magnificent book! I know it got very wide and rave reviews since published and became an instant favorites among ulat buku worldwide, but I never did put an effort to read it because I knew it's not in my type of books. But everytime when Ammar & I went to bookstore I always persuaded him with the talks of "Ammar, belila buku ni. Kang dah baca, citer kat kaklong ekkk", "Ammar tau tak buku ni glamer. Sume orang nak baca", "Buku ni inspire National Geographic buat documentary tau tak. Buku yang penah sampai tahap tu, setau kaklong, LOTR + Harry Potter jer. Phenomenon!", "Belila beli laaaaa....", etc along that line, most of the time in front of mak. Hint hint la tu malas kuar duit nyer pasal...eheheheh....

Until one day, mak bought him the book. Terperanjat gak because Ammar gave me his review based on the back cover "Ala ni citer penyiasatan lah" - he reads fantasies. LOTR, David Eddings', you get the picture. When he started reading it, I asked how was it? It turned out that he likes it - especially the way the author put the words together. It's thick but mind you he's a fast reader.

So bermula la pertanyaan2 ku buku tu citer hape. Tapi slalu dia tak bagi jawapan yang memuaskan so terpaksa la decide baca buku tu, dengan berat hatinyer... After reading a few pages, I couldn't put down the book... terkena kat diri sendiri plak....kehkeh... tu lerr..buku best tanak baca. Engaging lah citer dia. Pastu plak "All desriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in this novel are accurate".

Kesimpulannyer buku tu memang best!

hmmm.... whatever happens to my hiatus state?? Am I indecisive or simply addicted to blogging??

Monday, December 19, 2005


I feel like talking about a person today. She sat next to me in high school. She's the one who helped to make me lose my temper easily back then. Things I remember about her:

1. She's afraid of lightnings/thunders.
2. We were the only two students who didn't go back home once. We stayed in the aspuri for 2 days and played ping pong. She won everytime.
3. She's crazy.
4. She's always got on my nerve at school. But I don't know why I always gave in.
5. She's manja.
6. She told me a story, in musolla when we were supposed to listen to tazkirah given, about somebody who enjoys tarik telekung orang until it's senget while praying. She laughed at the idea while I was furious. Tak baiklah kacau orang semayang! (how did I end up being so boring?)
7. In KMT class, dia amik gergaji letrik tuh, pastu terus potong kayu. Kayu tu jadi sengat la kan sebab tak ukur dulu. Rosak abis, Cikgu Zul punyalah marah. Si Basheer siap ngumpat lagik.
8. Dia ni memang kena marah selalu ngan Cikgu Zul. Kesian gak tgk tapi dia buat tak kisah jek.
9. She loves cute anything - babies, people, etc.
10. She has a great smile.
11. She's graceful. I hope the guys wont have such a hard time believing it coz it's true.

Ada banyak lagi, although vaguely, in my head but then I'm at work. So I taip mana yang teringat. Anyway, she and I had a history together however brief it was. I think some of my friends have already figured out who's the person by now. After PMR she moved to Kedah.

Things I've realized about her later on:
1. She's fun and playful.
2. She cares for people.
3. She's beautiful.
4. She takes things easy.
5. She's actually always calm and composed (I think so, because she seems so).
6. She's probably the only one I'd ever know to be that crazy and unique.

Then we had a trip to PD and that was the first time in a million years since we've last met. She was sitting with a group of people whom I was sure were not from the alumni. I took a glance and looked away. She was smiling. She looked so familiar but she seemed like she was with the group sitting there, so no way we should've known each other. I looked again and looked away again. I was with a few friends and we were talking and asking around where the heck was everybody else. Suddenly she stood up and walked towards us. And at that instance her name struck in my brain like never before lah. Seriously I knew she worked in the UK, camana leh ada kat mesia lak nih???? Could it be?

And of all the words I should've said, "Hey.... I know your face" came out of my mouth! Badi LOTR tak abis lagi time tuh. A sudden warmth came over me. She hasn't changed physically at all, except for of course the beauty and grace of a lady, clearly visible lah. I was speechless. I mean I had a lot to say, a lot to ask but couldn't say it. And the rest of the PD trip was good. She spent lots of time with Aslam and Noe. I only looked from afar. How a girl has grown so much. I was so glad that she came to PD that weekend. She left early, Noe sent her off. I was still in bed that morning.

A month ago, suddenly I got a news about her from someone else. And that sudden warmth (like the one in PD) got to me again. It didn't matter from whom I got the news since I understood her situation. I recalled all the things that we had shared during high school. And the time in PD, however brief. Wow. Nothing in the world could explain how happy I was for her. So despite that it was supposed to be a quiet ceremony, and I wasn't supposed to know, I left her a message anyway. There was nothing I could say much online. Only deepest and sincerest congrats, and that I understood her situation.

Then I received an invitation! I knew that she had been calculative and careful on who to invite looking at the seat allocations. I felt so honored since it was only for close family and friends.

She looked beautiful last night. It being one of her happiest moment in her life, I can't blame her. Sparks were flying everywhere. She looked so shy though.... biasalah pengantin melayu. The food was superb. I hope she doesn't mind I'm writing about it here. Your pics are going to be uploaded soon in the group anyway... hehe....

So I am here writing to say thank you for the opportunity to be part of your big night. To Samira and Nasir Hadrien Dumont, I wish you well for the future, and hope you enjoy a long and happy marriage.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Ok now despite my hiatus status, I feel like making an entry today.

I was on leave on Thu and Fri. Was busy mengemas rumah @ Sijangkang + Shah Alam. I got the back room (yes!!!) but it's always warm aka hangat in there (nooooo!!!!) so I pujuk mak to install one air-cond in which she already said yes (yesss! yess!!) but we still don't know when they're going to do it (oh no).

Moving is like going to war only that it's not fatal. Sooo many furnitures and kotak. Oh yes and pasu-pasu bunga mak. Some of there had to be sent to some store in I don't know where because the new house is like 1/3 big off current one. Rumah besar pon nak buat ape ye tak? Nanti susah nak ngemas.

Besides unbelievably tired body, I've suffered 3 cuts in 2 days. Isk! The last time I really went all out like this was when I was living in campus (I had to walk to go everywhere) and when moving in and out of hostel, every semester, 3 years in a row but no cuts. I was such a healthy girl. Now that most of my time spent driving or sitting in front of pc there's hardly any exercise involved. So it's good that we're moving. I feel like all my tendons and muscles are getting a long due treatment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I'm gonna go on a hiatus! I'm gonna be very buzy again. Not to mention the moving out from Shah Alam. I wont have any interesting story to tell for a while (I'm living a hectic & dull life at the moment). But if anything worth telling happens or I see some sparks flying, I'll stop by. Peace out.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Went to Anugerah Carta Nasyid IKIM 2005 last Saturday. Well it was a short notice invite. I got a VIP one..hahah... I was working on that day. I went to Damansara Perdana afterwards making my way through 1mil duplet condos... Syoknyer... Kalu dapat beli umah sendiri sekecik mana pon dah bertuah dah. 1mil worth of real estate? Errr... I'm not saying I can't possibly get it but I know where I stand now (can't possibly earn that much money soon enough) unless I married a very very very rich man. Muaahahahahaha like that's gonna happen.

Anyway, 1mil story aside. I went to SACC Mall after that. So it happened my friend was there and I got invited. And Rabbani was one performing so being a true fan I couldn't resist. I was in my casual work attire (translation: flare jeans + sleeveless doll top + goggle jacket). I knew it didn't suit the function I was going to. But it was too late to go back home and change. I was hoping I could bring my family along but I got only 1 pass. So I begged my friend (subtly) if I could get more passes. It was hopeless considering that it was one of those very last minute passes they held so dear, reserving it for special guests. Euurgghh... well fine. I was told to wait for a while by my friend. And I was enjoying watching Rabbani rehearsed.... when suddenly 4 extra passes flashes before my eyes. *gasp* Although I was hoping for it but my expectations were low. So I quickly rang my mother jitterly. Oh I was so touched somebody would go all the way to get those for me so that I could come. Very thoughtful don't you think?

When the guests were all pouring in, they were properly dressed - very the muslimah and alim like. Felt like out of place but hey I couldn't care less. But deep inside I was giggling the whole time, trying to act like nothing was out of ordinary lah kann... Rilek beb rilekkkk...kui kui... What actually running through those minds?

So I waited for Otel at the entrance. Ammar and mak takmoh datang... (rugi ler)... After so much pain in the ass giving the direction of where I was waiting for him then he arrived. He only wore a simple slack and a torn tee... talk about adding more self-concious in the clan. He didn't realize it when he was putting it on earlier. Taklah banyak, only the seam of the shirt on his right shoulder were a little torn open. Still it was visible. I showed him the passes and we were escorted to the VIP entrance. People there were so dressed up for the occasion but here we were lenggang lenggok with you know what attire and selamba faces on display, making through our way to the VIP registration booth. Otel was so shocked he didn't know we were VIPs.... eheheheheh.... I didn't do it on purpose, I just forgot to tell him. Yes seriously I did, but it was a funny moment. He was so restless and kept whispering "eh VIP ke. nape tak cakap awal2??!!! malulah!", "eiiish dah la pakai baju camni jer", "diorng senyum je tgk kita" (when being ushered to the VIP seats), "malulah nak jalan. usher tu pon pakai sket nyer smart" and the like. You get the picture. I couldn't help giggling. It was funny.

That's the moment that stood out for the night. Other than Rabbani performing that is. Eh, I've never heard of Mirwana's songs before and it won the first prize (erk!). I was sooooo heran when the audience was begitu teruja dengan kumpulan nasyid ini. Hmmm... insaf sekejap. Tu lah asik dengar Rabbani je. Punyela excited diorg... clapping sket nyer kuat, siap cat calls lagi tuh! For me the best performance would be the one from the guest performers: Brothers & Nowseeheart. They were singing medley of nasyid dulu2 sampai skang. Best ah dengar lagu dulu2. Lagi best kalau dia main muzik live. All those paluan2 percussions etc. *ngelamun*

All in all it was a great night. Orang heran why I like Rabbani so much. Actually I like the way they interact with the audience on stage. And they got great voices and harmony! Rabbani and Hijjaz were in a group once. Raihan in other. Maahad Hamidiah had a group, SMKAKL had one. UPM had one. I've been a fan since I was a kid. I grew up with nasyid so I know when a lagu lama plays on some new group's record. Diberi nafas baru and all that, still nothing can beat the originals.

Oh I'm applying leaves on this Thurs and Fri. I don't care if they froze all leaves and throw it away to die alone. I'm not gonna part with them anytime soon. Aku disuruh pindah so aku nak cuti! Bwahahahaha

Saturday, December 10, 2005

RSS reader in Gmail

Gmail now has RSS feeds. That's so awesome! Gotta love that Gmail.

Anyway I'm blogging from office, as usual. I'm going to Damansara Utama and SACC Mall afterwards. And my head is not getting any better. It's been a week. Kurang sihat lah. We're going to move to Sijangkang (oh man I can't even imagine what my life would be like)....

Anyway, Renee Olstead - what a voice!

Friday, December 9, 2005


This has to be one of the biggest jokes in computer history! Not that I
am saying that it is wrong, but it is a bit of a laugh!!

Please follow the simple instructions:
1. Go to
2. Type in "Failure", without the quotes
3. Instead of hitting "Search", hit "I'm feeling Lucky"
4. See what comes up!

Go tell your friends before the Google people get it fixed

hmmm....*feeling clever*

Thursday, December 8, 2005


for people who loves money


...keh keh keh.....
moral of the story: don't ever hope for money to fall right onto your laps people



moral of the story:

Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Tagboard yang mengong!!!!!

It's supposed to be easy but since you're making it hard for me. Fine. I'll do it the hard way. Sheesh!

Monday, December 5, 2005


Went to Johor last Saturday for Hedayah's wedding reception. Oh it was a very tiring journey. But it was worth it, looking at Hedayah that day. She probably didn't expect the whole office staff to turn up there. It was pretty hulu lah, kawasan felda la katakan. She looked radiant. Too bad my cam has been stolen.

Last Friday I was browsing through MPH @ MidValley. I was trying to find a book to read but I found myself walking out empty handed. While in the store, I couldn't take my eyes off of the book that I have already read and passed on on Bookcrossing. Everytime someone made a journal entry it made me want to read that book again. I might buy that book again for a permanent keep, which I don't usually do. I don't mind parting with books that I love but this one is different. It had made me to look for another books by the same author, which also I don't usually do (have read it and passed it on). She's a new voice in literature so she only have a couple of books on the shelves... so I couldn't get enough of her work.

Books have a way to affect you. Well this one do me very deeply. It was written only in 3 months. Oh My God I can't believe I'm saying this - I'm going to buy that book again, ASAP.

Friday, December 2, 2005

keje dah nak siap... woohoo!!!

Water Quality Management System. After 2 full months of torture and tormenting myself, it's finally ready. All those late nights and skipping lunch, it's going to be out soon. The engine is already there, only needs some tweaking here and there. Oh it's soooo good to breath a free air at last. Phew! Geram siot asik balik lambat, weekend pon kena datang keje. Takde life langsung. That other day, just for the sake of Harry Potter, mengulat gak aku gi tgk morning show. Had to curi the time (what kind of life is that, had to curi the time to enjoy yourself). I went to office in the afternoon, got back around 7. And that was on Sunday. So you know how a typical week looks like to me. I have been working 7 days a week. Clearly my work takes a huge space in my life. I think it's fine though since I don't have commitments. Hmm.... good good.

But I also think I need to make some room for my friends lah. I treasure all of them but it now looks like I don't really do. I don't mind adding new ones, I welcome them open-heartedly. Come come don't be shy... I won't bite.

Hmmm... my friends. I care for these people but I stopped showing it ever since I started working. And being in my line of work, with time so scarce and datelines staring right at you breathing down your neck.... isk! I turned down invites and soirees and jom-lepak calls! What was I thinking??

We're going to present the WQ Unit the prototype and as soon as they agree on it, it'll be in the production. The system still has a number of modules left (I only completed the first crucial 2 to get it started), so late nights will happen again soon enough. Aiyak! The air is not so free lah nampaknya. Well at least I get to break free even if it only for a week. Boleh cuti-cuti malaysia. And cuci-cuci mata.

I foresee lots and lots of maintenance and technical support coming my way. Aiyak! Aiyak! Aiyak!

Still, I love my job. It's hard to leave it if I pursue a master's. No matter how hard I complaint this and that, I love working hard. Cynical as it sounds, I love staying up late working. My mom thinks I'm crazy and this type of person couldn't possibly exist. I'd like to think I'm committed...hehe...

Hmmm.... maybe I should not take sides. When mothers say something, they say it with their child's betterment in mind. Still I'd like to think I'm committed. So don't take sides, take a little from both sides with a pinch of salt.