Saturday, September 30, 2006

Perfect song to slow dance to

I can only give you love that lasts forever
And a promise to be near each time you call
And the only heart I own
For you and you alone
That's all
That's all

I can only give you country walks in springtime
And a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall
And a love whose burning light
Will warm the winter night
That's all
That's all

There are those I am sure who have told you
They would give you the world for a toy
All I have are these arms to enfold you
And a love time can never destroy

If you're wondering what I'm asking in return, dear
You'll be glad to know that my demands are small
Say it's me that you'll adore
For now and evermore
That's all
That's all

If you're wondering what I'm asking in return, dear
You'll be glad to know that my demands are small
Say it's me that you'll adore
For now and evermore
That's all
That's all

In conclusion: I love standards. Probably not many people know this but yes I love Sinatra and the likes. Jazz. The most versatile genre I've ever listened to.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Sesungguhnya Brunei memangla kebosanan dan ketidakhappeningan....

Ade ke patut diorang tutup stesen minyak kul 5.30. Pastu lepas bukak pose baru diorang bukak balik... The intention is well known lah but what an inconvenience it is! Seriously.

It's not easy to find a place to dine who's open 24 hours. There are a few but not much to choose from. But food is not a problem really. Only that it cost me twice as much. Erk!

I saw my first taxi sight here recently. It's in blue color. If you got here and have no friends/relatives at all then I'd feel so sorry for you since you have to either rent a car or find a bus. Taxis are such a rarity you'd be surprised to learn how many of them even bother to exist here.... heheh...

Kaum lelaki kat sini sangat le bahagianyer since they got paid $15 for attending the tarawikh parayer at the istana. Probably duit raya in advance kot from beloved sultan. And every family here get a bunch of dates from dearest sultan also. We haven't received any. Alaa last year nyer kurma melambak lagi dok ada dalam fridge ok. Please let them be kurma yang liat tu ye or else I won't indulge so much. Ceehhhhh orang nak bagi lagi nak demand le plak....

Okla have a happy week everyone. And a blessed one.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I've just been robbed over $100 by my subconscious unscrupulous mind earlier this evening.

In exchange of that amount of money, I got 1 sweat pants, 2 camisoles, 2 long sleeve tees and 1 (veeeeeery niiiiiiiice) white blouse. We went to the place initially for the pants but being girls and all that, one thing lead to the other and voila each of us had something in the end. I don't know about them but I'm blaming my lady-ish nature..... lalalala...

Anyway, it's not that I haven't got anything for my family. I got mak a beautiful big ceramic bowl that'll be so perfect for her. Adik-adikku, will that lame keychains do? ... hehehe... don't know what else to get. Until I figure out something/find something else better and within my budget then definitely they'll get something else. Abah, not sure yet. Contemplating between this and that. Piece of cloth definitely but still deciding. Aaaaa pening kepala aku pikir.

Over $100 on my clothes.... sheesh! How did that happen???!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I think I wont fit in all my pants in like 5 minutes. They seem to grow smaller or it's been me who's expanding.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="This cool place still open at wee hours of 2 and 3 am"]



Sunday, September 17, 2006

They say a picture says a thousand words


Well I just wrote 27k words.


Well what do you know, I did go to the dinner sort of thing. And had fun. Thanks Adda for dragging me along. And Siti for the threat.


Came home and stayed up till 3am, finishing up work and dvd watching. Came to the office the next morning all grumpy and aghast-stricken. One thing that's pretty major that I haven't talked about is the dreadful Hajah. For me, Sakiinah sounds so calm and breathtaking coz that what it means in arabic right. On the (such sad sad) contrary, it is with so much pain and regret that I have to say this: it doesn't work if you pair it up with a catty female human being.


One thing good I got out of this place is my new purse! Did not give much thought when I was picking at the store recently, just wanted something nice to hold and practical. At first I thought it was ott with the beads and embroidery since I'm going to take it everywhere I go right. It was glittery lah, suits me fine if I'm going to some function. But I took it anyway, the red one.


But now I'm starting to liking it alot.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Tonight we have to go to a dinner held for TF. I don't know why people call him TF anyways. So anyway I don't feel like going. I feel kind of down in some way, maybe the hormonal changes I don't know.
I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow
And each road leads you where you want to go
And if you?'re faced with the choice and you have to choose
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you
And if one door opens to another door closed
I hope you keep on walkin' 'til you find the window
If it?'s cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile
But more than anything, more than anything

My wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold
And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same things too
Yeah this is my wish

I hope you never look back but you never forget
All the ones who love you and the place you left
I hope you always forgive and you never regret
And you help somebody every chance you get
Oh, you find God's grace in every mistake
And always give more than you take
But more than anything, yeah more than anything

This is my wish
I hope you know somebody loves you
May all your dreams stay big

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a georgous movie!

I saw If Only last night - on dvd lah. What a movie. Staring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. I just can't resist the british accent in a romantic comedy. But it's not released in english speaking country, no wonder there was no talks about it before. It's a 2004 anyway.

But what a story it is. What a performance.

Friday, September 8, 2006


Hanya orang yang memahami kesedapan baby bayam jek yang akan mengerti sample gambar di bawah. Those who don't eat leafy green vegi, you're missing out on alot. Sekian dimaklumkan. Terima kasih.


Thursday, September 7, 2006


Kaki aku sakit wehh....

Tu la berjalan nyer pasal. Rasanya cam satu town kitorang pusing malam tu, on foot. Aku pening plak bila tengok banyak sangat building yang langsung tak familiar. Lepas satu, satu. Aku sebagai orang baru, ikut je la diorang gi mana. Pastu tak pasal2 kaki aku terpeleot time lintas jalan. Tension aku wehh... tapi takpe la. Sib baik dapat orang cam Adda + Kak Wati sebagai colleagues and penunjuk cara... heh! It's so much easier having them at my disposal. Cewah cakap macam la diorang tu orang suruhan when it's actually the opposite. No, truly, these are god given gifts and their kindness will not perish in a far away forgotten land. Cewah.

I'm sooooooo thankful I'm not one of those unfortunate Skali employees ok. Where should I begin. What should I say. Only a week here and I've heard and seen alot of things. Looking at the product they've developed, oh my goodness. All I can say is, that is a product from bad management. I'm telling you it's BAD, horrendous, horrific, out of this world punya kind BAD lah. Bad resource management. Bad technical design. I heard some of the previously posted here employees just had bad attitude, but the blame always falls on the PM lah, no question about it kan. It's just bad people management. Development process with no qa & qc involved. It's simply a very bad project management. I don't have any other word but 'bad' right now but excuse me for feeling so unbelievably impossible.

Aku mula la nak ngutuk Skali ni tapi tak baik la pulak kan. I mean not everyone in the company is useless. And it's very easy for me to critisize, I understand that getting everything back together again is a near impossible task within the time frame given. The client itself is giving such trouble everyone in the team hates her. Well, for me, you don't have to like someone to work with them. Just finish your work and always take that extra mile so you know you've given your best shot, regardless what is the outcome. Finish up your task at hand and add something extra for people after to remember you by - how good you were. Ini tak.

Previous developers simply buat keje ikut sedap, design ikut suka, UI yang ala-ala express nak kejar ape pon tak tau la. Every module had different developer. So when they all left, we got various paintings to mess up with. Kalau cantik + ikut prosedur takpe gak. We can just arrange them to be one big picture. Ini satu buat camtu, yang ni buat camni. Nak repair pon payah. Ape nak jadik pon tak tau. Layan dvd lagi bagus aaaa.... Oh by the way, sini dvd satu B$1 je. Muahahahahahahah berhantu la umah ni ngan dvd....

Can't blame all on the developers really. The thing is there was no one monitoring their work. No synchronization, no consistency between the modules. Hape punye teori, hape punye method ntah diorang pakai for this big project.

It's gonna be tough here. Ok inilah luahan hati seorang developer di tanah Borneo akibat ketidakstabilan pengurusan syarikat. Doesn't mean I'm just going to give up. Only that I'm a woman. I need to talk about things. So there you go. Like you don't know already. By the way, I don't talk about what I write in my blog in real life. Not if nobody's asking... ;) What's here stays here usually.

Ok la. Back to work.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Ok now I'm officially blogging from Brunei.

Touched down yesterday at Brunei International Airport. Slept the whole time inside the plane. Ngantuk aaaa... packing sampai kul 3 pagi. Last minute nyer packing besa la. Sedar-sedar dah sampai...

I'm staying at an apartment SKALI is renting. Spacious, tapi tak terjaga. Habuk sana habuk sini. Empty fridge. Carpet tak penah vacuum kot....hehehe... but I shouldn't say much since it's going to be my sanctuary for a month. Right now only 3 people is living there, including me. Quite a nice place to live I must say. Peaceful surrounding, away from the city. Transport la ada masalah sket. But I think they're renting cars, but I don't know that yet.

So today not much to do. Only that browsing around and a few things to get a grip on. Other than that, I'm so worried about food. The people I'm living with don't believe in supper or late dinner like I do....heheheheh... Like semalam, lepas makan around 7, terus Abg Faka hantar Adda and me ke rumah. Lepas unpack, around 10 dah start rasa lapar balik. Aiyak! Camana tu? This morning ada pening2 lagi. Don't know why la. It's not supposed to be like that right. Bukannyer tido lambat ke ape ke semalam. I think it's normal lah for people if you've just spent a day or two far away from home. I'm going to get used to it I know but the process is just troublesome.

More on this later lah.

Friday, September 1, 2006


By this time next week, I'll probably be in Brunei. What a boring place to be I think. Nevertheless for someone who's never been out of the country then maybe it'll mean something. I'll miss mom's cooking terribly. And I mean it.

Ganee says I have to be there at least for a month. If we can finish things up earlier then I can come back earlier. But I doubt it very much. I sense something is wrong there. We already got a person there but for some reason they're sending me over for I'm not sure what yet. They keep on insisting to give some assistance. I wonder how much of an assistance I can offer with my limited knowledge of the project.

Speaking of project, Ganee is very happy with one of mine here together with Jess. Yea it has been such a happy week for me. He's happy that one potential client is interested in the product we developed. I have to belanja Jess some time soon since she's a great colleague! Since I'm going to Brunei, so Jess might take over the thing and customize it further for the client.

You know, so many good things has happened to me lately I should be warned of something bad. Brunei might be it but I'm hoping it's not. You can't be on top forever right. There'll be times when you just fall and fall and feel like nothing can ever make it right again. But just when you're at your lowest point in your life, something or somebody suddenly turns up and that changes everything.

I just hope that when I fall again, my family and friends would be there to support me all the way. That's all I'm asking. The rest, I know I'm blessed with everything I have so no complaint there.

Let's see, what will I miss the most: nasi ayam mak, laksa penang, asam pedas mak, bihun goreng mak, kuey teow goreng mak, kari ketam mak, nasi lemak mak, kari daging mak,...... aiyak! Sume jenis makanan yang ada perkataan 'mak' di belakang la senang citer.... hahaha.... Oh yea, where got teh tarik and roti canai over there ah... isk isk isk....

So long people. Next time I blog, it'll probably be while waiting for the plane to arrive/depart or in some Brunei apartment OR maybe they cancel it and I'll still be here and I wont be missing good food that much.