Friday, May 20, 2005


It's again that time of the month. I used to hate it because of the ridiculous mood changes unbeknownst even to myself. Now that I've grown out of it, the bete noire is still there although it has hugely decreased to that level where I can chuckle at it now when something irritates me for no reason.

For some people PMS continues until the end of the mensus. Me, only the first few days with the first being the most difficult. I groan during these days.

With time, it has become the most awaited period every month! It's when I can act like a true venusian. It is then when I can yell and scream and be grumpy (read between the lines: bitch... ahahaha... almost, since I'm nice) and spoil myself without guilt. It is then when I'm tender the most, more sensitive to my surroundings. It's then when I can be selfish, mostly tending only to myself. It's then I blush most of the time. It's then I feel delicate, almost vulnerable. It's then when I appreciate the comfort of my bed the most, massaging my backbone continuously at night. It's then when I bloom.

It is special to me since it's a woman-only thing. The package comes with pain and all but there's something about it that other people would never get. Something about waking up in the morning, getting dressed, driving to work, interacting with people, going back home, getting ready for bed. It's the same thing everyday but only during this time it feels a little different. It is such a sensuous experience.

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