Thursday, May 5, 2005


The other day I sold LUPE stocks for over 130K... wahahahahah!!! I was so happy lah because I've never had a sale over 130 before... errr.. this is not real money ya - Neopets - check it out. I'm not so keen on taking care of my pet, I always chuck him in the cheap Coakcroach Hotel for 5NP a night! As long as he's well fed then I'm happy. I'm so much more interested in making money. I tried setting up my shop but then it took so much time to restock every other day. So I turned to stocks. Buy the stocks, keep an eye on them every now and then and when the price goes up I sell it! Susah wehhh nak dapat duit kat situ. It's not real but I like the challenge of being patient. Not to mention satisfaction over hard earned NPs.

Tengah layan lagu Robbie Williams nih... best pulak. Last week keje mendonlotttt lagu jek. People who has the best of voices is worth listening to regardless of their bad reputation la kan.

Yeyeh gi cycling!!! Lama nyer tak naik beskal.

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