Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Got to know someone online. Feels good lah. Looks like I have a life after all.

[Good to know more about you. At lest I am very clear with the type of person you are. Thanks you for being so bold, direct and open. Hard to meet a person like you and I really appreciate the way you are and the way you communicated.]

Thank you!

[Over teh tarik. I would be very delighted to go out with you. Just plan ahead OK!]

Err... I don't actually meet chatters in real life that. I simply don't do that. Should I? I'm so comfortable keeping in touch online. Why ruin that?? Hmmmm....

I actually got a lot of say regarding buying a mac. Are those ppl are all Windows enthusiasists? And Windows is the only OS they've clammered the claws in?? I'm not quite torn yet.

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