Thursday, December 30, 2004


It's 7.20 pm and I'm alone in the office, with lots and lots of work! Thanks to WFMS development, I feel important. heh!

I'm going home.

Monday, December 27, 2004

10 more invites???

Just noticed it yesterday. Gmail, how did that happen?? Who am I going to invite anyway? Do they expire?

Lelong..lelong.... leila....leilaa......

Friday, December 24, 2004

Technical visit

Went to SAJH last Tuesday for a visit to their IT Department. It didn't feel like I was in Johor. The office is quite tight. Their billing system is quiet impressive. They've spent about RM5 mil on GIS but I don't see much results from the system. Unlike PUAS, most of the systems there are client-based and still in integration state. Well we've learned so much (Thank you Cik Zailan!).

One thing though I'll remember for a long time, when the plane landed at Senai Airport, it was a very very rough landing everyone sitting behind me was cursing. I still remember it was a Capt. Chong's (or Chan or Chang or something of that nature) work, of MAS Airlines. huh!

On the way back, the delay was so great (2 hours) they gave us meal vouchers for dining at the Airport Restaurant. Knowing how expensive the meals are, we ordered whatever we want. We also turned out to be the last pasenggers to go on board....heheheheh.... Not until the plane was ready to depart did we storm in.

Woke up at 5am on that day and I only reached home at 11pm! Eventhough I was dead starving I went straight to bed anyway...


I was 25 minutes late for work the next day...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Wedding presents

I just got Ani and her newly wedded husband a gift voucher courtesy of Jusco. The wedding was on last Sunday and I couldn't get anything, I was short of cash... Anyway, Aslam chipped in too and I'm going to mail it probably this week. All I need now is a cograts card I forgot to get one while I was there the other day. hhmmmppfhh!

I went to Giant on Thursday and I was browsing through Speedy racks. And there they were, lining up neatly showing off. LOTR: Return of The King Special Extended Version is finally out! Without thinking I grabbed one and paid for it. I've watched it twice already (it's 4 hour show). I can't help drooling over Faramir..... hehehe... Other than Aragorn and Pippin, he's on top of my favorites. Legolas? No thanks. He's cold. I love the strength that Faramir had, to overcome his grief over having not loved equally by his father and how he fought bravely for his country despite all that. He had given everything to win his father's affection but nothing worked, not until the end. See how he kept seeing himself falling one after another? And how he kept standing back up again after another? He might see himself as a failure but look at how his friends saw him quite the opposite. Perseverence is what counts to any success. And look at what he got in the end, his own fair lady of Rohan.

Ladies, you should see him when he first cought glimpse of Eowyn.

Friday, December 17, 2004

My Lolita is running out!

Oh what do I do?? It'll cost me another RM200.... uwaaaaa!!! sengkek mokcik.... but what to do. I've been an admirer since 2001 and couldn't find any other to replace it. I can't live without it since it's already a part of me now.

Fragrance description:

Lolita Lempicka Perfume by Lolita Lempicka, Launched By The Design House Of Lolita Lempicka In 1997, Lolita Lempicka Is Classified As A Refreshing, Oriental, Woody Fragrance. This Feminine Scent Possesses A Blend Of Exotic Licorice And Vanilla Combined With Light Greens, Florals And Musk. It Is Recommended For Daytime Wear.

Ooohh... I wear it day and night. Am a one perfum person. Can't bear being a traitor...heheheh....

Yet another Fragrance Description:

Lolita Lempicka has an unusual composition, being comprised of two fragrances in one, each with its own top, middle, and base notes. The first is a floral, and the second is an innovative licorice fragrance, creating a sensual and intoxicating "fairytale" fragrance.

Lolita Lempicka is categorized as a floral semi-oriental.

Top notes: anise seed, ivy

Heart notes: violet, iris, amarise, licorice, Amarena cherry

Base notes: vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla, praline, musk

I love the bottle that happens to come with it!

The enchanting bottle (by Alain de Mourges and Pochet et du Courval) is shaped like an apple - which is the fruit of temptation, after all - with a stem for a pump, and etched with an intricate gold and ivy leaf motif.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Name generators

I have other names other than Nuhaa All Bakry or so it seems...

My Japanese name is Hama Abukara. ( I don't have any idea how is that kawaii).

Take The Kawaii Japanese Name Generator by Shuichigami today!

My very British name is Margaret Walpole.

Take The Very British Name Generator today!

My magical Potterized name is Luna. (haha!)

Take Harry Potter Name Generator today!

My fairy name is Sugarplum Sparkly Berry. (wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

Take What's Your Fairy Name? by badasstronaut today!

My Indonesian name is Nur Asmawati. (....kui...kui...)

Take Your Indonesian Name today!

My Egyptian name is Nubia (from Nubia).

Take The Egyptian Name Generator today!

My Swedish name is Hanna Carlsson.

Take The Swedish Name Generator today!

My funky new name is Naida.

Take Funky Name Generator today!

My Depressing name is Hallow Eyes. (Naida the Hallow Eyes... heheheh..)

Take The Goth Name Generator today!

My new enlightened Hindu name is Anushree Balamurali. (no thanks. I prefer Nuhaa)

Take Hindu Name Generator today!

My Chineseifyed! is Bun Dan. (oh?)

Take The Chinese Name Generator! Xong Wuen Ming-Zhi! today!

My Aussie name is Shazza Phillips. (really??)

Take Your new Australian name today!

My Irish name is Niamh Flaherty. (wouldn't that be mistaken as nymph? oh God...)

Take The Irish Name Generator today!

Ok that's enough. I still like Nuhaa no matter what these names mean.

Had fun. It's 10.52 a.m.

Oh how time flies...

Going back to work.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


gi tgk Ocean's Twelve smalam. gi balik naik lrt jer dari bangsar. punyer lah takleh naik public transport cam bas and the like, i threw up on the way back dalam kete si tipah... kah kah... sib baik tak kena seat keta, sempat menadah. terkocoh2 tipah paking tepi jalan sesambil bantai gelak kat insan yang tak keruan di sebelah time tuh. sib baik malam gelap org tak nampak kerja-kerja dobi yang berlaku ke atas seluar + blouse.

this is one experience i'll never forget. dapat souvenir plak tuh out of it. towel puas kaler kuning! tenkiu ler cik tipah wehhh... sang penyelamat di waktu duka lara...heh!

sampai umah, tukar baju, recall balik apa yang berlaku, senyum sensorang, tutup lampu, baring atas katil, tarik slimut, recall lagi, tesenyum lagi, zzzzzzzz.....

Friday, December 10, 2004

...i won't talk....i won't breathe...

I just got out from the meeting room for the annual performance appraisal with the boss and another boss. I scored 90.5 out of 100!! Whhoooaaaaaaaa!! I couldn't believe my ears. So that means I fall into 'Good performer' category. Whoa! I'm so excited. It's probably a confidential information but hell I don't care. I'm so excited! I've been a good employee! An accomplishment I need to have to make it all up for the one I didn't get while I was in university. I deserve something good in return.

Need to pamper myself tonight. Going to bed early. Ah, tomorrow's the movie thingie day. That should be a just social reward for myself. I heard Ocean's Twelve isn't that bad. I love Ocean's Eleven.

Maybe it's too soon to get excited all over. Been here for only a year. But I've used 'excited' 3 times already.

*hums True helplessly*

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Last night meeting

It's been a while since I last saw Bad (almost 6 months). Yesterday he asked me out for dinner so I said yes (duh). It's been too long I forgot how tall he is and how broad his shoulder is....

Yahoo Mail is now 250MB. Hmmm... what's that about?...

Am listening to Ryan Cabrera's True. How I wish someone would sing that song for me. *has dreamy eyes*

Tuesday, December 7, 2004


Am in computer lab with the IGP people, having some interactive mapping session. Nice people.

They're doing the work and I'm stuck here for eternity. It's kind of boring and I can't help it wishing it will be over soon. It's tiring and boring at the same time because it's a repetitive task circling the whole state everytime. I'd like to explore PHP/MapScript further. At least on Windows since I couldn't figure out how to install PostGIS on Windows. I know I should use Cygwin but hell I've tried. Either PostgreSQL won't initiate or I don't know where to make install the PostGIS tar file to.

Monday, December 6, 2004

Another weekend

Oh lookie... what have I found today - Ashrufzz

One of my online mate's blog...

Now how did I know him ha?? Was it probably through emails?? I can't remember. But he's on my Friendster.

Got back from a presentation for Anugerah Inovasi ICT SUK 2004 around 2.30pm instead of the expected 1pm. Needless to say the juries were impressed! heheh.. no I'm not exaggerating but I don't know if they were just faking it or the real thing. Oh I don't care, it's over I can can get back to my real work. Abis seminggu buat keje anugerah jer.

Went to Liza + Kamal's wedding ceremony yesterday. It was good to see them happy. Went to the Facon Education Fair afterwards too. Thought going alone might seem awkward to both myself and people. So the easiest solution was to call Aran - the neareast contact and the most likely to be available person of the day. It was nice of him to be a good sport accompanying me to both events....heheheh... best ah u Aran. Much thanks! Ingat first gaji kang.

Got back home around 6pm and had my dinner early. Fell asleep while watching tv. Awoken by a mysterious reason, realized it was already 9! Thought might as well went to bed because I was so damn energy-less. Woke up late today. Was lucky to be in office right at 8 o'clock.

Turned out everybody else was late for work. Pah!