Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think I've lost weight

My jeans and pants now are all longgar ok. No I'm not happy with that. I want to stay fat.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's been a while

It's not that actually, there were few updates but in Facebook. They're all about tags. My friends went tag crazy. And people are crazy tweeting as well. Anyway, taking some time off to write about thumbdrive.

I AM IN DIRE NEED OF A THUMBDRIVE. Why I didn't try to get one all this while is beyond me. It's not that expensive. I guess I was just too lazy to go these IT places alone. But oh my god do I need one. Ok before I get carried away by the absence of a tiny cheap gadget, it's already March people! Just when I thought I still have 12 months to go...

Long break really knocks me back at work - I spent half day figuring what everyone else was doing the past week so I could write the report. And then some. Urghhh!!! Now I'm in between controllers and models, trying out to figure out what did I do last week. I hate leaving on a spur like that because I didn't do enough mental notes to connect to when I get back to it.

It is now 3.30pm, 2 more hours I'll rush out of here. I don't know, sometimes it happens to people I guess. There are days when the stars are just not aligned, the moon is not so bright, the wind seems stale, etc, you get the idea. Oh well at least I get a week break which is never a bad thing. Only now I have started to realized how busy I'm going to be the rest of this year.

Already given the assignment on computer networks. I never liked networks -- eeek! Binary tree and such is such a welcoming balance to this semester. I don't really care how computers are interconnected, just get me a working one, well connected one and let me build the apps ok. You worry about setting up the infrastructure, I worry about how to store the data and manipulate them. Isn't that sound nicer. There's network programming paper coming up - wonder whether or not will I like it. We'll see.

I'm rambling.

Better go now before I start saying more nonsensical stuff.

On last note: I have this sudden, an immense liking to bachata music. Just perfect to listen to at night, especially if you have that special someone. Warning: if you don't like latin music, don't bother. You have been warned - you are prohibited to cringe upon listening.

Song 1 - Ven Tu

Listen to it while you can, I'm going to take it down in a few days and after that you're on your own :P tralalalaa ~~