Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Late Mother's Day

Smalam kasik mak flower arrangement sempena mother's day. Bila sampai umah tengok mak aiiiii besau gile...kih kih.. tappela... mak nyer pasal. Tak penah nampak arrangement besa gitu... pink lilies and daisies. Bila sampai jer mak tipon, cakap tenkiu (tenkiu!!!). Alah mak nie, aper la sangat bunga tu nak dibandingkan ngan pengorbanan mak selama nih.

Actually I was sending her 20 stalks of tulips in a glass vase. Only after payment the store called up and said the tulips were not in good condition, and I shouldn't paid for the delivery also! Benci sungguh! They should've said so in their website and update it often. I was thinking of arguing (refund, integrity of the website, spanking over the phone, yell etc) but then I thought if I had the choice earlier to pay murah or mahal, I would've chosen murah. Maybe it was meant to be, pay mahal for my mother. What's more, I got to custom made the arragement. I never really done anything nice for her lately so why not. It's my mother after all, I'm happy to pay anything for her. Seriously nothing can compare to what she has done for us for the last 3 years.

Went home late last night and saw most of the flowers haven't fully bloomed yet. This morning to my surprise they have!!! Wahahahah.... aku plak yang sronot bukannyer bunga aku pon. Anyway I don't know much about flowers. Last time when I was studying I made sure to have a stalk of carnation in the bathroom everytime. Probably a girl thing, flowers. It excites me watching them bloom in front of my eyes. Of all flowers, I like roses the least. Too norm, cepat mati, fake fragrance. Heh!

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