Saturday, May 14, 2005


Received another kad jemputan kawen! This time it's Hawani's. I thought she's flown to US already for her master's degree. My childhood joker friend is getting married. Oh how I miss those times...

I told mak since she knows Hawani well. Later that night she was asking whether or not I'd like to get married, since every one of my friend is either engaged or married. Aper la mak nih! Duit tadak, wait till I have everyhing I want before settling down ler. She brought up the issue because one of her friend has enquired her about me for her son! (err... NOOOOOO!!) Since she thought I was still seeing my ex, she said I was already taken... wahahahahhh... lega.. I've already told her when anyone asks, just tell the same thing so they won't bother me. I'm too young to die. It's difficult to live with the past, haven't really managed it yet. I try to keep myself busy at all times. I probably go and earn my master's, which I put lots of thought on it before but didn't act on it because I put the ex so much into consideration.

The living room at home is almost a pleasant place to walk to these days. The fragrance of the lilies... rasa cam tropika la plakkk... mak loves it! Which I'm really proud of.

Ok I'm hungry. Lunch time. I'm going home.

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