Monday, September 27, 2004

Gloomy Monday

Got back really late from Taiping yesterday and I still feel oh so tired and spent. Got out of home as early as 6.30am and only back at 7pm. I was the one who was behind the wheel, all the way baby... except the minor trips to my brothers' places nearby, mother took over. Did some shopping, bought mother and me handbags. Parit Buntar offers some of those attractive prices around. Not a happening place but still...

God knows how sleepy I am in this 'wee hour' of office morning. I can't get my brain to work yet. I've been trying to get Rizal on the line but he's unreachable most of the time which makes me all restless and edgy. I can't get my work done if he doesn't hand me over the latest base maps. Now my stomach isn't feeling so good.

I got back at 4pm last Saturday. Was doing the outline for the thing the boss had discussed with us earlier. Am trying to make it a habit, doing it right away or I'd forget/be lost recalling those usually important ifty nifty bits. And I met my bestfriend Amelia afterwards! Had some drinks and took the time to catch up with gossips and news. Turned out she's engaged to Saiful. I don't know him but I'm sure he's okay and both of them are happy together. Also a few of my childhood friends are engaged. It was good to see old friendly faces that day.

I listened to Hero by Enrique Iglesias on my way to work today. I haven't heard that song for a looooong time now. Hmm... must look for it online... heh! But first, washroom awaits.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

..blah blah....

Just out of the monthly staff meeting. Some interesting issues highlighted. Well it was okay considering how everybody is doing today. It's just me, feeling a little bit weird today, thinking everybody is down for some reason.

Problems on proxy here sent me on mini hiatus for the past week. Also I've finished Honor Lost (or known as Forbidden Love somewhere else) and was outraged about it how the writer describes Islam. It's probably fictional so it infuriated me even more. People do these kind of stuff for a living these days, by creating controversial issues, pointing out views and everything, regardless of sensitivity level which various people have. I don't have a problem with that, in fact I love diversity, makes the world go round. Ms. Khouri has spoken up her voice but I'm sure not everyone is comfortable with some of her opinions. I for one feel that she didn't do her research well and thorough on Islam's history. Even if she did, for me she delibarately puts her words towards downgrading Islam. Hey, it's my faith and belief and I can't help defending...

I understand that the book is about honor killing and the culture that is behind it and how Jordanians react to it. While I agree completely with her that honor killing has its roots in time predated Islam, it's still not right blaming Islam for having founded by 'vicious warriors' and surrounded by it's 'early war and bloody battles history' has endorsed the illigal practice. Now I'm sure every nation on earth has its fair share on warfare, not just Islam. The history tells us that these 'bloody battles' were not initiated by muslims. Furthermore these 'vicious warriors' only existed on battlefields, they were exceptional individuals in their daily lives. Also needless to say and it's crucial to note that Islam promotes peace. Even in battles there are rules and etiquttes to follow. Women and children staying inside homes were unharmed during wars. And warfare should be the last thing on earth muslims should do, is best avoided.

If the book is non-fiction then I'm sorry they had to grow up in Jordan. But if it's not (they're still investigating) then I'm furios at the way she depicts Islam.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I love my name

Comparing now and my older times spent on the net, I found myself using my name as my nick/username most of the time now than before. I only used my aliases before it hit me that my name is not as plain as Jane or Joe. So I started to use Nuhaa everywhere and hasn't encountered any troubles since (so far). By that I mean no nuhaa7493 or nuhaa_my_28914y and the like. What I like most is that people can refer me by my real name which I think is pretty appropriate and personal.

I guess why I didn't think of it before is because probably I'm scared of identity theft... okay that sounds too serious, by lighter example: people pretending to be me in chatrooms and using my good name to their favor etc. I've had bits of my fair share here and there. Neopets tastes bittersweet to me.

It's just my nature, being cautious and all. But I've learned that the possibility I got scammed by immatured uncivilized barbarian individuals is almost zero by being polite. People are generally actually kind. I've found an awful lot of them in various online communities. Therefore I don't have much to worry about as long as I play nice.

Be grateful. Grow up. Okay don't. But be good.

Monday, September 13, 2004

4 Gmail invites available.. for now that is....

Logged in the mailbox this morning and found out that I could invite 6 other people. Already used 2. I posted in an alumni's yahoo group and it looks like it's going to take forever to get 4 other replies. Oh whatever. I'm not the one missing the fun... heh!

I just got the base maps from Asset Dept. We only require the base maps not their layer. What are we going to do with assets? We don't know assets management as they clearly do and we won't be interested in doing so anyway. Why it took so long to reach here is not quiet a mystery. I'd say inefficiency in communication. And the tendency of random groundless, not factually-based assumptions which leads to all those accusations. Wehh..kalau ada mende tak paham, just ask/enquire, for the sake of clarification and people can take actions accordingly! Tensi mahhhhh...

A whole month wasted like that.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Belated Birthday Present

Received a thumbdrive in a mail yesterday, courtesy of dear brother Otel!! ..ayayayayayayyyaaaaeeeyayayyaeeya....

I'm on top of the world.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

I have an account!

All thanks to David Marcus, a journalist from Albany, New York for a penpal swap. I've heard about this free Gmail thing about a month ago and didn't really do anything to get it. It was a sudden calling when Baizurah emailed me yesterday. Oh heck, I got to have one too.

So I did a google and came across GmailSwap which I happily abused to get my invitations... heh! Asked Vick also whether he'd heard about it (he's an IT project manager currently Sabah-based) to which he answered yes and his guys were looking at it whether to use it or not. And he asked one of his guy Shahnaz to invite me.. hehehehehehe... I couldn't help smiling. Although the invite hasn't come in yet but it's okay. I've already have one account, I'm so bloated. I should treat myself another McD's meal.




1 GB people... email me all you want...

I don't know how long the gratuit thingee will last. I'm officially one of the beta tester...heh! Not that I'm going to test anything...

Monday, September 6, 2004


Someone just emailed me telling me about it and flaunting it like hell. Arrghhhhh!!! I want that account too. 1 GB, who doesn't want it is crazy big time I'm telling you.


I want it so bad.

Recruiting Committe

Just had been accepted to the committee. This one is Women Who Believe online group. Have been in the group for more than 3 months now but had't really done anything active. So I though recruiting wouldn't take so much of my time. Since I have to submit assignments weekly to SEA Graphics Committe.

Oh I love being in an online group. Feels like I'm contributing something to people eventhough I don't know them. That's the idea that I like very much. I'm not much of a social type of person. I don't mingle and blend that easily. I'm quite shy at times. Confined spaces make me dizzy. I don't react well with crowds. This is a good way to interact with people (globally) for me. I laugh often. I treasure my privacy. I appreciate my circle of friends. And I believe we can get away with almost anything with genuine heartfelt smiles. Maybe because I'm a good listener, I don't talk often so people tend to think I'm a snob?... heheh.. I don't mind. Free country.

Visited a lot of interesting sites today through webrings. Invited them to join WWB along the way.

Got myself a pretzel on Sunday.


Cinnamon & sugar! Yummy....

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Simply Enchanting Angels

Applied to join the online group and was added a couple of hours later! That was quick!! Had to also join one of the committe - picked Graphics Committee. I used to love creating graphics and I can't wait to experiment things soon.

It's been a while and I have lost my touch although not entirely but I'd like to see me loving and having fun with graphics. I was addicted at some point a year back but got cut off from PSP due to crashed pc at home. This will be a good time to make a come back don't you think?

Also I've discovered Yuko Ohigashi today. What a lovely girl! At 17 she's already composing songs and performing at concerts. She's a composer-pianist.