Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog changes

I have made some changes to my blog. FYI, no longer contains my blog posts. Instead it will display a collection of posts from all over the place. It's what I do most these days, microblog. I post pics, I curse at someone :P, I elevate at the awesomeness of linux, you get the picture. Usually it's kinda short update. So I guess it's better that way than have the visitors look to all over the places (Twitter, Mobypicture,, etc) to get latest updates from me.

Sure, if I have more than 140 characters to say, I'll blog in RSS feed also changes. A couple of planets I know of subscribing from my blog, please use from now on. Else you're going to get a black hole.

But those who's interested to subscribe to my collection of life updates (you stalker crazy freakzzz), it's

Thanks. Talk to you later.