Saturday, October 29, 2005



Right. I'm gonna do something after raya.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shah Alam flash flood

I was one of the traffic jam victim. Oh where do I begin??

On second thought, it's pointless to start my day like this. But I'd like to point out one thing though. It took me 4 hours for a 1/2 hour journey because that damn flood. And the police was nowhere to be seen... Oh yes there was one. Except that he didn't do anything to help the scene and was just there looking on, on his bike, proving that he'd be less than useless too should he had felt like helping, which was not likely to happen anyway. Only after 3 hours of numb butt did the traffic eased a little bit - it moved, yay - because the police had *finally* decided to come to the rescue of the helpless citizens of malaysia.

For those who know the area, it was a complete halt along the road where the CSR factory is located, both ways, up until the JVC roundabout (ah this is a familiar place...). So all the roads that coming in (from Subang Hi-Tech, Elite Shah Alam exit, kilang-kilang kat tepi2 tuh, etc etc etc) into that road was in a very bad traffic to. The cars were simply not moving. Abis sume jalan kena tempias....*sigh*

JVC roundabout itself wasn't moving, so you can imagine the impact magnitude that it had on all the roads affected. *big sigh*

And imagine the countless people yang kena bukak pose dlm kete jer, itupon kalu ader mende nak makan.... *big big big sigh*

Kesimpulannya, whose fault is it the flood happened?? I'd blame it on the irresponsible contractors and developers. Abis sume bukit nak tarah, abis sume utan nak singgah, abis sume tempat tadah air disumbat ngan tanah. Kalau kira nak duit je, sampai kiamat pon tak abis. Dulu mana ada flood kat area tuh?

Well, things happen and it happens for a reason. I'm not sure the significant of the event to my life yet (I doubt I'll ever know, except that it made me miserable all night) but I was grateful that nothing bad happened. Had arrived home safely and I found a letter for me from a long lost penpal! That's something to celebrate about is it? =) I've had penpals since primary school. I'm in still in correspondence with Faiz, a girl I got to know from a Dewan Pelajar magazine back in standard 6. Since than I had on and off penpals from all over the world (and malaysia lah), helped me tremendously in my english along the way.

When I started working, all the correspondence stopped. Part of it was me also, not that I didn't have the time, only that I was a bad time manager. I tried to revive what was left but it wasn't working so I quit. But you can never really forget the people you've come to know in the letters so that's sad yea. But can't do much about it since they also have their own life to taka care of.

So I'm glad that Laura wrote me. I'm going to write her back!

Err... I think a have bags under my eyes...

Monday, October 24, 2005

One of a sister's proud moment

Last Saturday, mak and I went to see Ammar at his school. We brought along some juadah berbuka pose lah, roti jala and kuih keria - homemade, I must emphasize... ngeeeee...

We knew we had to come before 6pm or the gate would be closed. We went out at 5, expecting to arrive around 5.20 or so. It would be pointless if we came earlier since the food would be tasteless when it become sejuk, don't you think?

We were sure we could be there in time. Then suddenly a stupid traffic jam stood in our way. It was at the JVC roundabout. There has been construction works over there since forever but it had never caused any traffic histeria. The cars were not moving! We were stuck there for like 1/2 hour and the clock wasn't working on our favour either. It was a stupid stupid traffic because of the moronic cause that caused it. What were they thinking, blocking the road??? I mean it was a peak hour during Ramadhan, where everyone was rushing to be home in time for buka puasa. Vehicles coming from 4 ways were going to use that roundabout and they were happily working on their lori tar and everything else. Luckily we weren't not on the roundabout yet, so the moment they unblocked the road leading to Sec 15, we went for it and headed for Fed Highway. But then it was already 5.45pm. Not to mention the long qeueu towards Elite at its exit (traffic light *sigh*).

Poor Ammar, he must've been waiting for the juadah since we've promised to come, we thought in the car. We arrived 5 min after 6 and the pakcik guard already standing there with the lock in his hand.

As soon as we entered the school gate, we saw Ammar standing all by himself, obviously waiting. The mere sight of him that day really melted me. He's a very shy person and most of the time will feel embarrased for no valid reason, orang kata malu tak bertempat - he being a teenager, I understand. But that day he was standing there with almost no one around, at the most locatable corner where anyone could see him from afar. And with no book in his hand to cover up that kononnye he was actually casual reading, not waiting for his mak and sister to arrive. Malulah kan kalau anak lelaki tunggu mak datang... or so I was told by most teens (male teens of course).

Although we knew he would grow out of it but never expected for him to be still waiting for us to come at that hour, where everybody else was busy penuhkan tray kat dewan makan. We were thinking it would be very hard to panggil him turun (thought he would be bored and gave up waiting) since nobody would be around and would set us back with our buka puasa time pulak. But there he was, and I couldn't have felt prouder as a sister. Not because we could bukak puasa on time but the fact that he had waited. What if we got out of house 5min late? What if something happened and we never turned up that day? He would be still waiting for us until pakcik guard lock the gate, and walk towards dewan makan to gather what was left, bukak puasa as usual but feeling a little bit sad (because of obvious reason here), of that I'm sure.

You see, action speaks so much louder than words. He could have said he had waited like hours and went on complaining that we were late and he would have to rush this and that because it was already late, etc etc, but he didn't. He still greeted us warmly. Still wanted us to give a peck on both his cheeks.

My baby brother is becoming a man. I'm already jealous of his future girlfriends.

Friday, October 21, 2005


I took off from home late today, on purpose. I'd like to be late for once. Then I got to the main road and I saw no cars at all. Only mine and a guy riding on a bicycle. I was in awe. 'Looks like I wont be late after all without the traffic jams...'

Then I was heading to a roundabout where usually there would be at least 10 moving vehicles at one time on that road. This morning, I only saw 1 bike. 'Eh, what's going on????'

Then I remembered, Nuzul Quran lerr... the whole Selangor cuti. KL keje...

Bangun lambat ader hikmahnyer...eheheheh....

Now that it rains all the time, I wear jacket most of the time to work - sejuk lah. Takyah iron baju... kui kui... Senang sket idup, take a pants and put on my little tee and there... I'm good to go. Sarung je la jaket aper pon, and tudung, I look like a marketing exec ready to take on the world already.....ahahahah... This is one of the reason why I love the rain, beside the luxury time I can have under the lovely duvet yea. I should be looking more like a geek lah, looking at my profession. Hmmm... I already have the glasses....

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Saturday, October 15, 2005


On my way to office this morning (keje banyak siuttt), I saw Menara Telekom building only 15 storey high. The remaining was hidden beneath thick clouds. Can you believe it, there was cloud formed at that altitude. Sejuk sangat ker sampai jadik gitu? Reminds me of a fantasy castle surrounded by clouds floating on air... heheh.. I believe if I was on the 16++th floor then it could be real, only it's not a castle lah kan.

Rugi mehh tak bawak camera. Kalu tak, leh tunjuk.

Friday, October 14, 2005


*From forwarded email. I think it's originally in English and has been rearranged
Dalam satu kejadian yg agak susah nak diterima akal, iaitu sebuah kapal terbang telah mengalami kerosakan enjin dan sedang menjunam hendak terhempas, terdapat 5 org penumpang di dalamnya tetapi beg parachute kecemasan hanya ada 4.

Berkata laa penumpang pertama, "Aku Hafiz Hashim. Malaysia perlukan aku. Kalau aku tadak, mcmmana nanti Malaysia nak menang All England lagi?". Lalu dia mengambil beg pertama dan terus terjun.

Penumpang kedua pulak berkata, "Aku Hillary Clinton, bekas wanita pertama US. Aku seorang yg paling bercita2 tinggi dan aku juga senator New York. Aku juga berpotensi nak jadi seorang President". Dia pula mengambil satu beg dan terus terjun.

Penumpang ketiga menyampuk, "Ahh... aku President US! George W. Bush. Aku ada tanggungjawab yg berat untuk menjaga sebuah negara yg kuat. Tambahan pula, akulah President yg terpandai dlm sejarah US. Org Amerika mana yg hendak melihat aku mati?". Dia terus menyentap satu beg dan terus terjun.

Penumpang keempat, Osama Bin Laden berkata kepada penumpang kelima, seorang budak berumur 10 tahun, "Saya seorang Muslim dan saya berserah kpd Allah utk menentukan hidup dan mati saya. Adik ambillah beg parachute yg terakhir tu".

Budak 10 tahun itu menjawap, "Jgn bimbang. Ada satu lagi beg parachute utk pakcik. President terpandai dalam sejarah US tu terambil beg sekolah saya".



...sape la yang reka citer ni.....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Men who wear pink

I found them intriguingly attractive. I don't mean those bright fluorescent pink - that's probably reserved for gays I guess...hehe... I mean soft pink, pastel color lah.

If I saw someone dressed in neatly pressed pink shirt and a matching tie, he'll definitely get my attention. Unlike men who wear blue, this group of male is small. And that makes them harder to find. And that what makes it MORE appealing. I don't think they're lembut or anything. I still find them manly and they're daring enough to step out of the norm and usually have a great smile to match.

I don't care how plain his look is or what his body type is, when he wears pink, that says something about his personality and character.

I'm not saying that wearing pink is better than blue (DO NOT wear pink every other day! And gothic people should just disregard entirely my post here). It's just something that popped in my head after sahur today, relating to my question of why my brothers - and lots of malay men - refuse to wear anything pink. I think it challenges their ego or sexual attitude or something like that. Wearing pink would make them inferior towards their male peers?? And appear less manly towards their female counterparts???

Well, I'm a female and you know how I feel about it.

Hmm... anyway, the most important thing is, whatever you're wearing, it should be clean and appropriate. Like what Islam says, it doesn't matter if it's the old clothing you're wearing but just make sure it's CLEAN and NEAT. So, press you shirts and slacks lah guys. Wear shoes whenever the occasion needs it. That applies the same to you my lady friends.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rabitah Hati

haha... I've just remember that we used to sing that song over and over and over again in high school. It's a doa actually cited at the end of Al-Ma'thurat. But I forgot some of the words. You know the only thing that I like about my former high school is its pengisian agama. I loved the musalla environment. I hate everything else...
Hati ini telah bersatu
Berkumpul di perut bumi-Mu
Hati ini telah berpadu
Bersatu memikul beban dakwah-Mu

Hati ini telah mengikat setia
Untuk mendaulat untuk menyokong
Syariat-Mu di alam maya
Maka ya Allah teguhkanlah ikatan yang ada (2x)

Kekalkanlah kemesraan yang ada
Tunjukkanlah jalan yang benar
Penuhkanlah dengan cahaya-Mu
Tiada malap terangi alam-Mu

Hidup suburkanlah dengan makrifat-Mu
Tapi jika ingin mematikannya
Matikanlah sebagai syuhada
Dalam perjuangan menegakkan agama yang mulia (2x)

Isn't reminicsing great??

Right... That's the only time I got for blogging today. Gotta go back to work!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I witnessed one gruesome death yesterday. Our cat has murdered 3 guilty rats.

Eiiiii... bunyi krap krup time dia makan... seram satu badan. Not that I'm afraid of tikus tapi geli plak tgk Comel makan, macam sedap jer mende alah tuh. Tak sanggup tunggu situ, lari naik atas.


Saturday, October 8, 2005

What I ate the last 2 days...

The only time I can found this is during Ramadhan. I know anyone can make and sell it but only from this one particular stall is the best ever. So I took my own sweet time savouring every bit of it.
Ramadhan 2nd


and 20 min later


Ramadhan 3rd


and 10 min later


Yum yum!

Thursday, October 6, 2005

My rich Friendster Network


Need I say more?

I don't know how I end up with these people ;) ... Why can't they search something like books or something...*sigh* I need to get out more often...

Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Nampaknyer tadak bonus tahun nie...huhu.... Tadde news pon dari HR tapi sebab diorang announce ader cuti tambahan bulan pose nih, raised lots of eyebrows lah. Pehtu opis hour dari 8am - 4.45pm, skang dah jadik 8.30am - 4pm. Patutnyer 1st & 3rd Sabtu kitorang keje tapi dia kasik cuti sepanjang bulan pose...

Hmmmm... too generous and too good to be true when it's nearing the end of the year, sume sibuk keje tak hengat. Buleh plak dia kasik cuti cenggitu... Deadline sistem kena pospon le gamaknyer... mana leh siap kalu balik kul 4 tiap2 ari... wahahahah...

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

For some reason,

~~~**hatiku berasa sungguh tenang skali**~~~

Monday, October 3, 2005



Mom brought me over to the newly open Shah Alam City Center and boy was it posh looking.... okay it was mid-posh. It's not 100% completed yet - the 3rd & 4th floor hasn't been officially opened yet. Nonetheless, I expect lots and lots of datins will pave their ways there. I especially love the tiles.... hehe

As you can see, here's the piece of cloth that has successfully burnt a big hole in my pocket. Anyway it had been on my wishlist for sometime. I had my eyes on another jacket actually - a long black velvety soft one. Perfect for an overcoat for my strapless/spaghetti strap blouses. Well they didn't have the size, how sad. So I picked this one instead. It falls nicely up to somewhere on my thighs so I think it's acceptable.

I really really hope that this mall won't be a place where the youth like to loiter around. Still want to loiter?? Sure thing. Please do it in a high class manner lah. Don't look like you're lost or something. Act like a smart person for a change. Look at the Plaza Alam Sentral and how it has turned out to be now. I love the clothes they have to offer there yet everyday it's filled with people who dresses selekehly and don't know how to be respectful. Blend in intelligently lah to cut it short. A change in the scene would be good. Please please let the SACC be it!