Friday, May 6, 2005


The other day I arrived at my workplace without realizing I was wearing my tudung terbalik! Aiyaaa... that was the second time in my life. Once was when I went to PD with my former schoolmates, right after the tsunami news. Yea we were brave and stupid but fortunately nothing happened and we had a very good time.

Back to the tudung, nasib baik tudung is a piece of cloth that is not really obvious which side is which. So even after I know it's terbalik I carried on pretending it was okay. Alah lantakla selagi orang tak perasan nobody would notice. Stay cool bebeh! heheheh... Then just before lunch break I went to restroom to betulkan lah. What lady would I be if I continue to have it terbalik on me?? I was amused by it but then after some time having fun then I have to act classy like nothing happened lah and change it back.

I got dressed in my room with dimmed lights coming from my study lamp in the morning. Enough for me to see but not clearly enough apparently. I was in a rush so things happen. I don't like terang-benderang it hurts my eyes. Early mornings isn't exactly my time for total alert.

Orang dulu2 bangun pagi buat kuih. No wonder now they're successful in life. hey've gone through life the hard way. Orang sekarang ni bila lahir sume dah ader so sumer jadik malas. Bangun pagi pon liat... isk! Agaknyer kalau bukan sebab keje memang tak bangun kot. Time to ponder. Kat skolah dulu slalu sebut muhasabah diri.

OOoohh.. insaf insaf! tsk!

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