Monday, September 24, 2012

Kittens kittens kittens!

So happy :)

6 Maine Coon kittens born today. Can't really determine what their colors are (1 is red bicolor probably) since they all look like they're black when they're still wet and small.

But very excited!

Anyone wants to buy these georgous kittens, contact me. But we only will allow them to go new homes when they're over 3 months old.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I love this candy boxes so much

We went to Darlene & Raja's wedding reception dinner last Saturday night. I especially love these. Very creative and sweet.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eh am I still on planet FOSS?

I thought not anymore. Today I accidentally visited planet FOSS and my recent post on watches is there! Oops sorry wrong audience. Heh.

I don't want people to take the post content wrongly.

Will post thoughtfuly next time. Or will tag 'tech feed' or something for planets. I haven't been blogging for quite a while already. Writing tech stuff is hard. It takes hours sometimes. The reason I suddenly have so many posts in August compared to last year is because I recently installed Blogger app on my phone. These days when i got back home I no longer switch on my laptop and do something. If I'm doing anything at all it will probably be some random browsing activity that normally ends up with me buying something hahaha.

Ok back to more browsing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday treat (accidental)

Oh my god I can't believe I have just bought an expensive wristwatch for myself! I WAS looking to buy a new one since the old one kinda died on me. It had been 3, 4 months being watchless. I didn't even think of buying it as a personal birthday treat.

Fossil Women's Wallace Brown Leather Watch # ES3122
I liked the watch the first time I saw it but didn't actually looking to buy it. I kept on asking the girl (shop asisstant) to look for cheaper watches, below RM200 please. We didn't have much choice as I only wanted a watch with square dial, and with straps. In the end I had to choose between a Fossil and this watch.

Call it a mindless decision, or maybe I just had my birthday yesterday, I just said yes to Cerruti.

I just can't believe I bought an expensive watch! It better last a lifetime or else.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hameedeyah Restaurant

We were at Penang for this year's eid. We couldn't not go to this place. It's a must for everyone who visits Penang to go eat at this famous beriyani place. There's a branch in Seksyen 15 in Shah Alam but the food is not that good there. Different cook maybe? No SOP across branches?? Well we're not guessing anymore.

Some newer generations may think that Kayu or Subaidah or Kassim nasi kandar is the best mamak food ever. But of you ask your parents, uncles and auties, during the 70's or 80's... Hameedeyah on Campbell Street is the real thing! The murtabak is the THING.

It's up to everyone to judge which place has better food but for us no one can beat Hameedeyah!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chocolate cream cheese muffins

So the other day I had this dream. I was savoring the creamy and chocolatey taste of these muffins. I lost the recipe so I had to regooggle. Found one but decided to put my own spin to it.

It was about my bedtime that night. But I just couldn't wait. It took me over an hour actually to make them. But when they came out of the oven, oh my. Somebody stop me. :)

So moist and delicious!

Recipe here:

Chocolate cream cheese muffins

Friday, April 6, 2012

tmux - 256 colorscheme in VIM on Ubuntu

So I've had the pleasure of playing with tmux. Not bad. I like the idea of having everything ready when I come to work and that session is available when I need it. If you're familiar with GNU Screen, it's the same thing only tmux claims they have better features.

I had some trouble with vim color sheme though. But after some insights from a colleague, I found this: and everything made sense.

I'm using Solarized color scheme. I love it.

My .vimrc has set t_Co=256 and my .tmux.conf has set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"  and it works.

I don't have alias tmux = tmux -2 and I don't set my TERM to screen-256color in my .bashrc. It should work about the same on other OS. Hope that helps somebody.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pixajoy: get your photobook from them

There is something about Pixajoy that makes me like them so much. For me, it must be the customer service. They have a rockin online chat support - prompt response if they're online. And they were online at 10pm when I was designing my photobook at that time. The guy was very helpful. That was impressive.

We have alot of pictures during events like Raya. So I thought photobooks would be a good idea. Instead of just printing them out on 3R, I can actually personalize them and scribble thoughts and captions. I feel it is much more interesting and valuable that way. My parents would love photobooks! So I went out and and bought online vouchers for Pixajoy. I am glad that my first experience with ordering photobooks was very satisfying.

I have already purchased 2 photobooks from them and it is likely that I will not hesitate making another purchase again in the future. Their photobooks are of great quality. The colors are great and the binding is sturdy. The paper they use is smooth and bulky, it's really nice to flip when you're viewing the pics. I have tried both of their Cool Image Wrap Hardcover and Cheap 'n' Chic Softcover. And I love it that they keep the soft copies online that I can access anytime, in case I need to reorder.

I recommend Pixajoy to anyone who is thinking of ordering their first photobook.

UPDATE (31/3): Received a photobook from - I don't like the quality of the printing as they came out very very dark. And the binding is not as sturdy as expected. The lamination on the hard cover was done very badly. You can see the plastic separating from the paper! It is really not worth my money. So I highly recommend Pixajoy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chocolate Cheese Muffins

Okay so I went through my pictures of unprecedented glory (I usually take pictures after I cook something interesting) and I found this!

How I remember how delightfully tasty this is but I kinda forget the recipe now. But I know that yellow thing is some sweeeeet cheesy mixture and I remember how I loved them.

Must. Find. Recipe. Again.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nymeria at 4 months old

Here she is at 4 months old. She's eating alot! She is recovering from ringworm fantastically! To see her no longer scratching every second is wonderful. Recovering from ringworm is such a long process and just tedious. I have found out that patience is key when dealing with sick pets. The fur has started to grow. Now she looks more like a British Shorthair - dense fur and stocky body. 

I took her to see the vet this morning coz I saw a few ringworm spots on her body. New spots! Noooooooo! I believe that is because I did not give her any meds for past 2 weeks. And really, I am not happy recalling getting ringworm from her last time. I have scars along my right hand now (stupid things people do for love huh).

Dr. Sharon gave her a jab for that and prescribed some meds for her endless flu. Hopefully she'll recover soonish. I'm tired of her sneezing on my face.... 

She likes to be near me when I'm working on
my laptop
Priceless facial expression. Hahaha!

Updated my vimrc

I'm using these vim plugins now:
  • pathogen
  • MRU
  • Grep
  • Command-t
  • TagList
  • VCSCommand
  • surround
  • phpcomplete
  • lustyjuggler
  • repeat
  • Tasklist
  • phpcs
  • snipMate

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Imakatz Emerald Nymeria of Montel at 2 months
old exploring her new home
I have Nymeria with me for almost a month now. I've always wanted a (male!) British Shorthair as a pet but my place is not so suitable for a male cat for the time being so I just got Nymeria instead. She's such a joy and playful kitten.  She is 3 month old kitten now. I would tell you the color but we're actually not sure of the her color yet. She's got brown (OR cinnamon), red and white. She's a tortie, yes, but what kind of tortie we have yet to find out. We're going to wait a little bit longer until she's bigger when color pops out.

Originally I wanted a blue bi-color after seeing one back in 2010. I almost got a lilac bi-color last year (twice!) but fate has its own way of doing things. I got Nymeria right after I submitted my master's thesis. Adopting a kitten can take a toll on you if you're not ready. So the timing was perfect for me. And she's a beautiful kitten, going to be a healthy graceful beautiful cat.

A handsome blue bi-color British Shorthair by Pamela Lanigan