Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pixajoy: get your photobook from them

There is something about Pixajoy that makes me like them so much. For me, it must be the customer service. They have a rockin online chat support - prompt response if they're online. And they were online at 10pm when I was designing my photobook at that time. The guy was very helpful. That was impressive.

We have alot of pictures during events like Raya. So I thought photobooks would be a good idea. Instead of just printing them out on 3R, I can actually personalize them and scribble thoughts and captions. I feel it is much more interesting and valuable that way. My parents would love photobooks! So I went out and and bought online vouchers for Pixajoy. I am glad that my first experience with ordering photobooks was very satisfying.

I have already purchased 2 photobooks from them and it is likely that I will not hesitate making another purchase again in the future. Their photobooks are of great quality. The colors are great and the binding is sturdy. The paper they use is smooth and bulky, it's really nice to flip when you're viewing the pics. I have tried both of their Cool Image Wrap Hardcover and Cheap 'n' Chic Softcover. And I love it that they keep the soft copies online that I can access anytime, in case I need to reorder.

I recommend Pixajoy to anyone who is thinking of ordering their first photobook.

UPDATE (31/3): Received a photobook from - I don't like the quality of the printing as they came out very very dark. And the binding is not as sturdy as expected. The lamination on the hard cover was done very badly. You can see the plastic separating from the paper! It is really not worth my money. So I highly recommend Pixajoy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chocolate Cheese Muffins

Okay so I went through my pictures of unprecedented glory (I usually take pictures after I cook something interesting) and I found this!

How I remember how delightfully tasty this is but I kinda forget the recipe now. But I know that yellow thing is some sweeeeet cheesy mixture and I remember how I loved them.

Must. Find. Recipe. Again.