Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bitten by the bed bugs

Now I have a few small red dots on my arm, my legs and my neck. Not to mention they're all so itchy. Isk. I had no idea where all this bugs came from, suddenly decided to attack me in one night and left me feeling so damn angry. They will leave scars, although I know over time it will disappear but still, I don't like lah... Oh help!

The strange thing is it only happened last Thursday. I still slept on the same bed but it never happened again. Aaaaa bencik bencik! Gatalnyer nak garu jek tapi have to refrain self. Kalau tak nanti lagi teruk the scars... hisy!

Ok don't want to dwell on it that much anymore. Things happened, have to move on. Now next topic: shopping! I want to look for a skirt and a blouse. I'm going to check out Envee in Alamanda if it's any good. Adda, come lah set time after work we go to Nichii ok bebeh??


  1. uwaaa.. i miss shopping!

  2. alah...already checked envee n nichi at much choices disappointing

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