Friday, June 29, 2007


I read this month's Mastika copy last night(or is it July's already?) and guess what. I can't help feeling so stupid over their hot issue this time: violence against women. I have nothing against the topic, certainly not againts any violence, especially if it involves women.


This particular copy pisses me off. Not the magazine but at the people they interviewed.

I know that they've been covering issues like rape, domestic violence, murder, etc you get the idea lah. This one I read focuses on prostitutes. They were doing an interview on this one (not so young) lady who claims she can't do anything better so she resolves to selling herself on the street.

I was astounded at the way she put the words together. I found out that there's actually an industri pelacuran negara. And there's such things as melacur diri dengan ikhlas. She just don't understand why people keep going to the younger ones who don't offer services as excellent as she does. And these young chicks are serioulsy damaging the industry. I mean, wtf? She seriously got loose nuts inside her head somewhere.

I'm sorry. Am emotional now over this stupid, immature, unconceivable thing.

p/s: oh my god my inbox is full with forwarded stuff.... i haven't been able to forward them back... so get ready my fellow online-ly available acquaintance... i'll spam you like there's no tomorrow....

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Retail Theraphy

I've got new favorite store: Naf Naf. I just love the tee's and the blouses there. I love that place, especially if it's sales season, like yesterday. Thank god I went out yesterday. So I got meself a new pretty little blouse and a yellow tee. I got both at 60% and 40% off the original price. Well that's alot considering I don't do expensive stuff that much especially in wardrobe. Maybe that's going to change from now on. Not that I'll splurge and splurge like a mad woman, just... you know, sometimes it feels good to spend on something really nice.

I got a pair of jeans too. Yay!!! Fits me verryyyy nicely and I like the very much ok. I'm so happy I got new clothes hahahaha.

Off topic, I'm so amazed at the dilligence of private colleges of admitting star students. Offer letters keeps on coming and coming for Ammar, complete with scholarship packages... We don't have any idea where they get the address but even if they have spies somewhere shouldn't they know already which student not a good prospect anymore aka they have accepted offer somewhere else. These colleges just don't give up and they have so many ways of attracting the youngins. The first one arrived was from one of top design college which has a branch somewhere in London. Yes they offered scholarship also in the form of 50% discount of study fees. But still looking at the other 50% we have to pay is such a staggering amount we started to feel they're putting a scam on us. Anak datok bolehla. Anak orang-orang miskin like my family, alahaiii.... Tengok alamat rumah pun kawasan kampung, where got money to pay that much la mister....

* sigh * World today.

I applaud this: Jangan cepat melompat (coz I received the forwarded email as well)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hujan di malam hari

Last night was fun.

I was doing some work right from sitting inside of my car, on the driver seat. With the engine still on, with the cd player blasting god knows how loud. And I was right on the road, on the right lane. Why?

Last night some tree decided to fall down and block the road totally and make it impossible to get across. So I was right there 2 cars behind the fallen big tree and surprisingly I wasn't that grumpy. Maybe because I believe there's some other banjir victims somewhere cursing everyone and everything why the hell no one is there to help move their things out of the house etc. So I was there safe and sound, only a little late for dinner. But other than that, I'm fine baby.

1 hour didn't go away unconsumed that easily. I got work to finish. So switch on the laptop and get on with it I did.

While at that, I enjoyed glancing a moment or two at the mamat2 bomba bekerja keras memotong pokok tersebut. I got nothing better to do right. The traffic from the opposite direction was really bad too. Typical malaysians la tuh. Everybody wants to slow down to take a peek, so it would become their next big news to brag about. So it became one big mess traffic jam. But what did I care, I was comfortable in my car. As soon as they finished whatever they were doing to the tree, I'd be out of there.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Activity for the weekend

SATURDAY aka period pain day

0000 - 0500: dvd's
0500 - 1300: sleep
1300 - 1500: lunch + tv
1500 - 1700: online + a little chat with long lost friend
1700 - 2000: sleep (only way to avoid the period pain)
2000 - 2300: dinner + tv
2300 - 0000: dvd's

SUNDAY aka no mood day

0000 - 0200: dvd's
0200 - 1100: sleep
1100 - 1430: breakfast + tv
1430 - 1630: lunch + tv
1630 - 1800: car wash
1800 - 2000: reply penpal's letters + chat
2000 - 2100: make messy room clean again
2100 - 2200: reply more letters
2200 - 2300: update stupid blog
2300 - 0000: maybe do some work, make that stupid cronjob works

Ok time for boring pictures....

DVDs and the like


This can form a fluffy black rabbit.


The bed


The shelf


The workstation. I hate the new chair. The old one is so much comfier.


The hangouts and the dropouts


Friday, June 8, 2007

stupid writer's block

Granted that I'm not a writer.

Still I couldn't bring myself to blog. Lot's of stuff happening but I always put other things first. Anyway, this is just a boring filler. Signs that I'm still here breathing.

Speaking of signs, I always received emails telling stories of signs of your death. I mean tell tale signs 100 days before you die. Seriously nobody knows when we're going to die except for the Great Almighty. Quran says so. If given the choice would you take some anonymous words before Quran? Which one would you rather believe? And then there's this estimations when Qiamat gonna come. Nobody knows lah. It is just a calculations that certainly is questionable at best. For all that I know it can happen tomorrow. Tonight is also possible. Isk. Insaf jap.

This shows how we need more well bred ulama who can evolve with time, yet stays true to Islam teachings.

It's not my place to say these things. I'm only voicing my stand on this issue.

You know those emails are good for reminders. It's up to the reader to think it through. Sometimes I worry because believing in signs like that can bring you to syirik. Na'uzubillah.

It's my habit to share whatever interesting emails with friends and colleagues (sorry for invading your inbox with vids and all - haha!). But for those kind of emails, as for me, they are going to stay in my inbox and not going anywhere else.