Monday, May 9, 2005


Tetiba terjumpa ni Walla!Mail - 1 gig gak dia nyer storage... I think what Google does has more style to it. By invitation only. Walaupon senang jer skang ni nak Gmail account, still... kena dapatkan gak link invitation tuh somewhere... harapnyer Google teruskan jer cara nie, baru la nampak lain sket dari email account yang lain.

I don't know about this Windows File of The Day. Keeping it here so I can get back to it other day to see ape bendenyer. Also this Lockergnome. And this Software995. Probably nothing.

Smalam tak dapek nak gi cycling! Tensen. Last minute baru tau kena anta adik gi hostel la pulak... isk!

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