Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guide to housecat coat colors and patterns

I have just found this and it is very helpful!

So Nymeria is either brown tortie with white OR cinnamon tortie with white.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Imakatz Emerald Nymeria of Montel at 2 months
old exploring her new home
I have Nymeria with me for almost a month now. I've always wanted a (male!) British Shorthair as a pet but my place is not so suitable for a male cat for the time being so I just got Nymeria instead. She's such a joy and playful kitten.  She is 3 month old kitten now. I would tell you the color but we're actually not sure of the her color yet. She's got brown (OR cinnamon), red and white. She's a tortie, yes, but what kind of tortie we have yet to find out. We're going to wait a little bit longer until she's bigger when color pops out.

Originally I wanted a blue bi-color after seeing one back in 2010. I almost got a lilac bi-color last year (twice!) but fate has its own way of doing things. I got Nymeria right after I submitted my master's thesis. Adopting a kitten can take a toll on you if you're not ready. So the timing was perfect for me. And she's a beautiful kitten, going to be a healthy graceful beautiful cat.

A handsome blue bi-color British Shorthair by Pamela Lanigan