Tuesday, May 26, 2009


MSC Open Source Conference 2009 will be held at Berjaya Times Square on the 31st May – 3rd June 2009. It will be the largest gathering of its kind in Malaysia and will attracts IT Executives, developers, coders, companies, multi-million companies and multi-billion companies from around the world to share, train, showcase and maybe hire the bright minds in the Malaysia Open Source Ecosystem.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Kenzo has arrived!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm aware that most of my blog readers are open source folks. I'm going to write something that is not OSS, so if you want to read, proceed at your own risk. I myself don't blog about all this stuff but I'm doing it this time for a reason - the man (and a chick) behind it is someone I'm proud to have been working with in the past.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Are you addicted yet?

If you've been facebooking long enough you'll probably are addicted to it by now. Be it updating your status oh so frequently, or playing games, or keep on refreshing your home page, or refreshing your own profile page (freak!), or simply stalking other people's profiles, or if you're new you'll probably be crazy adding new friends now.

I'm one of those who likes the games there. I'm quite a powerful vampire there, among my friends that is. And ever since I found out they have Bejeweled on Facebook, I've been playing like crazy. Recently, quizzes have become quite a thing in there. I don't really bother, coz some of them are just bogus or plain stupid. One example, there was a quiz testing on your arabic language. The questions were sooo easy kindergarten level like and of course I got all right (only 5 of them) and the result came out that I can speak and understand the language very well.... Excuse me?? Did NOT worth my time at all. From then on I only picked the ones I deem worthy of my brain power.... scam jek.

I think I update my status quite often, not that I'm so rajin to update it there myself. It's because I use identi.ca - more preferred way of keeping up to date among my friends/colleagues. I get the updates in my Pidgin which is far more convenient than browsing my Facebook home page, although I sometimes check to read/reply comments. I've blogged before about posting to multiple sites using Pidgin - read it here. Using Pidgin also I can receive Facebook chats using some plugin, thanks to Indhran for his post here. This solves my problem on not noticing the message people send to me in there. I don't even have to open the site and login. Coolness.

p/s: I miss my camera.