Friday, April 27, 2007


I lost my phone and with it gone all my contact list. So just text me saying who you are and I'll save you. No matter whether you had been on my old phone or not, if you feel like being on my phone (I don't know why anyone would do that unless you know me), do the same. Friends, please text me.

Anyway, last Thursday marks the first time ever I stayed in the office overnight. Good thing that I have good companions over here. Great colleagues like that you won't find anywhere else.

I'm gonna get very busy this month. Everyone wants everything to be quick. Chia Boon told me he's feeling the pressure already. That's coming from a senior, aiyak I don't know what to say. Euuugh!!!

But it's why I like my job. The rush and the commitment.

We're going on a company trip next weekend! Now that's what I call fun. Redang, here we come (or more like invade...)!!!! Expenses all paid, nothing can beat that.

Ok. Gotta go back to work.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Alahai this guy singing his new single, he sounds so happy in it.
You're a falling star
You're the get away car
You're the line in the sand when I go too far
You're the swimming pool on an August day
And you're the perfect thing to see

Couldn't resist it. I think he was smiling throughout recording the song. Another on is Mika - Lollipop. Goodness his music is so addictive.

Just got back from Penang. As usual, the journey was always tiring. But am safely home so that's what matters most. Hey we went to this newly opened (well relatively new to us) Queensbay Mall looking over the beach. Huuuuuge place with lots and lots of interesting shopping place. I didn't get anything except for one very good headset and one crappy one.

I'm developing a very very deep serious hatred towards IE7. Please acknowledge everyone that Microsoft is trying sooo hard to be accomodating and different. So hard that it's annoying and unpractical. So I'm adding some word of brilliant advise on my right upper column. Take a lookie see.

I'm not feeling so well lah today. I feel sick.

Oh yea, got a message tonight I had to get things done before tomorrow. Why the hell short notice? Seriously short!

Fine. Like talking about it will change things. This Brunei project is really not doing me any good. It's dragging me down, changing my work ethics to become worse than before. It's something I really hate to see, I'm becoming someone whom I hate working with. Okay looks like the theme of today's post is hate. So sorry if reading this affects you in any way. I'm so not in the mood.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New lappie

New laptop has arrived. With Vista. 2GB RAM pon cam slowwwww jek.

Aiyak nyampah tul lah guna Vista nih. Am not going to discuss about this any further.

Ammar has gone for his MARA interview today. It was okay. Well I hope he'll get what he wants.

And my sim card has finally been revived. Ape punye Maxis ntah bagi aku faulty sim card. Sangat la menyusahkan ok mencari lubang parking kat TTDI nun. Last2 ade gak pakcik yang baik ati kasi aku park kat kawasan yang orang bayar bulan2. Time kaseh banyak la pakcikkkkk...

Sesungguhnya I feel very the happy today lalala....

Monday, April 16, 2007



New phone. New set of lingerie. Mission accomplished. The lingerie was not part of the plan but you know with sales and hunger for new ones I didn't think much. Mine is still a SE but what's so funny is Adda, looking for a Motorola but ends up with an SE instead. So that's that.

It seems that I've misread the milage meter...hehe.. It's actually 500km. Ya so okay... I misread, you don't lose a thing, lalalala....

Suddenly I'm seeing lots of ants coming out from celahan of the keyboard. Hmmm.. that's curious. I didn't eat anything while typing with this laptop. And I'm not sure where these ants come from. There's a lot of them. I left a tiny box of kismis on my dressing table and suddenly the next day I saw ants coming out of it. Seriously I don't eat in my room. I bought some kismis and left it on my dressing table for a night and the ants came along. The kismis box wasn't even open. Last time when my room was so much closer to the kitchen this thing never happened.

Anyway, I got a severe headache today. I really don't know why. It's not that I haven't done alot of walking and shopping before. Was it because of the low ceiling in BB Plaza? Or was it the heat from walking under such hot sun? But then it was only brief. It's ridiculous if it was for the sun. And low ceiling? I don't know where that came from. But it bothers me though as headaches only come to me in 2 condition: a) from crying to much, or b) fever. Hmmm.... I have low blood pressure. Come to think of it, it's possible but not likely lah. What actually caused the headache???

I'm going to go to bed early tonight. The replacement sim card is not working of which I'm gonna be sooo mad if it's still not by tomorrow. Either way I'm gonna call Maxis first thing in the morning.

The weather has been really hot. I have to keep on switching on the aircond everytime I'm in my room. Something I have to avoid doing since it's costing us so much. Should save every cent. We're really on a tight budget.

*yawn* That's it. Bed.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Not in my bestest mood

So people I'm going out with Adda to shop for a new cellphone this coming Sunday.

Apparently those stupid burglars have been caught. 3 laptops have been recovered but no news on my Sony Ericsson.... huhu... it's looking bleak... by now it has probably traveled to another world so it's really not within my reach anymore.

No matter. A phone is just a phone. Not ignoring the content in the phone of course but still, it's not my life. So hopefully I'm all connected again by next week. Happy cheers for me. Tralalalala.

On another note, I just got my car serviced last Saturday. And the milage has gone up almost another 5000km. Aiyak!!! Can anyone please invent some car engine that doesn't need servicing every other 5000km. Really I don't think that I've tasted enough the service I just paid for. It should last longer than 3 months at least. We're talking about weekly period here. Whatever happens to justice and honor and value for money and cheap things....

Oh &%^*@ it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The damnest thing

As usual the immediate reaction after a great misfortune like losing a laptop and a handphone all at the same time is not really a field of my expertise. Chia Boon was disturbed at my coolness of it all. Adda just lost her handphone as well last week. Her reaction was totally the opposite. Well actually what you see the coolness thing, my mind inside was actually hard at work, trying to figure out things. My contacts are all in there for one thing. There goes my circle of friends... or so to speak.

Thanks goodness it's a company's laptop and I won't be held responsible for it. We lost 3 others as well. How the burglars made it through our security system is still a mystery. But then again, you can fake the security card easily these days.... So we the people who need the laptop to get any work done are feeling very very helpless now. Especially when you have to deal with period pain simultaneously as well....

Oh well, next cellphone should be no other than Sony Ericsson. Laptop? They've ordered online already and I thank all the brilliant people who invented external hardisk. So what is it that I'm unhappy about? The period pain.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Phew what a week it has been!

Work: Went for FPX training for 2 days. Building up migration script. Was told that Adda and I had to go to Brunei to run the script but finally we are sooo relieved to know that somebody else is going (the script execution can actually can be done remotely but knowing the people that we had worked with, they won't get what we're saying). Why are we relieved you ask? Bad memories just don't fade that easily.

Personal: I am currently confused and disturbed. Trying to welcome someone in my life but I'm just too scared. Like I said, bad memories.... And the thing is it's not someone I expect to be in a relationship with. Am sooooo confused.

My eyes: Been really itchy this time around. Maybe too much screen staring.

Games: On PS2, been enjoying shooting and killing people in WW2... *insert evil laughter here*.... Sometimes when you have things on your mind, it's best to let it out, like what I do.... lalalalala

Songs download: Oh heck. What can I say. I'm so drawn to well put words and slow music. Adda seriously has some Indon influence, she has like 1000 of their songs right now... haha... Well not me, probably because I don't like the melody and the singers.

Finally, the weather: It's been raining and I L.I.K.E it!! A lot.