Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the year updates

How was christmas everyone? I'm back at the office on the 2nd last day of the year. People are still holidaying I guess - the road was clear this morning. Mood yang sangat santai di ofis, memandangkan ramai orang cuti :p. The rest of my team is on leave so I'm kinda alone here but who cares. Oh well.

I read the news yesterday that Israel is starting a war or something? WTF? Sudahla dia block the road from any bantuan kemanusiaan masuk since long time ago, now they want to invade Gaza? On what basis? Hamas?? You started the whole thing and now you're blaming others pulak? And the US seems to support the invasion, tell me what's new. I'm sorry to say this in public but Israel can go to hell.

There I've said it.

Now we move on with events surrounding my personal life right now. Attended a cousin's engagement ceremony last Sunday and I met Farah of OSCC (formerly)! Said she's the bride-to-be's best friend since primary school. That got my mom worried hahaha... We're hoping for the best of course. Farah is Farah, nice girl and everything but abit of a wild side anyone would notice. But she's cool.

My car is in dire need of some tyre alignment. Got me really scared the other day when exiting on a ramp, something happened and I almost lost control of the car. S-C-A-R-Y. Alignment pronto.

That said, the car needs its periodical service also (oil change bla bla bla). Can anyone tell me any Perodua service center around Putrajaya/Cyberjaya? It's hell to go back to Klang just because there's the only place I know that has it. Of course I've googled but if people told me about it I tend to remember it better. Such lame excuse but yea I'm practicing writing important notes down now so I won't forget it. I'm a forgetful person. Oh yea I got this cute little notebook with super hot jacket from Prudential (thanks Ping Ting!). The notebook jacket is black and red (oooh I like) and what's more the jacket can be used as passport holder. How I longed for a passport holder ever since I got my passport - that's a few years back.  It looks ugy now what with wear and tear but it's going to be kept in it's pristine condition from now on tra la la la....

What else? Oh for last Friday I have to thank abdza for packing up my stuff in the office and Saro for any any covering up for me heh, it was really an emergency thing. Went to meet up friend to pick up my stuff on lunch break. Supposed to be back in office after that but things happened and yea I was in a tied position. Sometimes there's other matters that weighs more than work. I found my laptop safe this morning - I was worried. Now today my Friday work comes on top and interrupting my planned Tuesday list. Seems I have alot to do but still have time to blog...heheh... I'm flexible, can't you tell already.

Came in the office with my right part of the upper head hurt. Had coffee and then it was fine. Hmmm didn't figure stuff as poisonous as caffeine would be the right fix.

Planned to do year end shopping but lot looks like that not going to happen.. *sigh*

Which reminds me I haven't collected the RM600+ road tax reimbursment thingy yet. The light bulb kinda went on early this morning out of nowhere. Hmmm... that money will go to credit card payment obviously. Still no shopping for me. Sad,

I have to get my eyes checked. I couldn't read the signboards from decent distance this morning. That got me worried.

Right now I'm planning a secret project, nothing to do with IT, none whatsoever. No I'm not furthering my studies. No I'm not changing job. No I'm not starting up a business. No it's nothing to do with computers. Nothing to do with IT, none whatsoever. So stop fiddling around figuring out what it is. And no I'm not going to entertain private message/email enquiries. Friends who know me know how I can keep it sealed as long as I want. So don't bother. *insert creepy laughs with eerie background music here*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Went to see Yes Man last Satuday nite and it was fun fun fun! I don't really like Jim Carey in comedy except in The Mask - I don't really like that elastic face going on in every movie he's in :p For example, Ace Ventura. It is way off unrealistic (but still managed somehow to come off funny to me). But hey, I prefer serious acting, not cheap face stunts ok. Good laughs and all but it made me cringe abit.

He's also starred in many serious movie roles and I think I've seen them all, just because I wanted to see him trying out something else. But he is what he is, he does it best in comedy. This movie is no exception. Only that he's a real normal person in this, something anyone on earth can relate to.

So I recommend it highly to whoever still contemplating to see it. It's entertaining. You're going to have lots of lol's and maybe lortf's who knows....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Subscribe to FOSSchix.my mailing list now


Alright girls, it is important that I announce this one:

Mailing list for FOSSchix.my has landed on earth

Come join and participate okay. It's new so no activity in there yet but it's coming! If you're in IT, please subscribe as you'll never know. I'm an open source chick but hey girl, no matter what OS you using, as long as you're interested in contributing to the Malaysian open source arena, this could be the first step for you (and surprise surprise you don't even have to be a developer to join). Come and join and make acquaintances. Learn and share knowledge.


[caption id="attachment_1409" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Cool in-house bunting design using what else, Inkscape!"]



On another note, I want to shamelessly put this here.

Anyway, if you can't see the url, it's http://trac.oscc.org.my/mymeeting. Really took a huge amount of courage to put it here. So there it is...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Had a blast!

So many kids running around! Cute! BBQ nite, games and plenty of talks, at least I got to know the name of some of my friends' spouses and their kids. A few years more they'll grow up and no longer can have fun talking in baby languages heh.

The Regency is actually quite a good place. We rented a few apartments to stay. Quite a turn up for the event. I personally didn't expect much but everyone who was there sure made everything fun and happening. Kudos to the organizing committee.

The theme for the BBQ nite was red. Despite all the thoughts that went into it, I didn't wear anything red... lalalala.... Sort of accidental actually, by the time I realized it, it was too late to do anything about it.

[caption id="attachment_1405" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The resort staff is preparing the place for BBQ nite, it's candle-lighted, well sort of"]



[caption id="attachment_1406" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The stage"]



BBQ along beach - bliss!

Anyway, I'm supposed to go to OSCC dinner tonight. I had confirmed my attendance but decided not to go last minute. I haven't really touched my laptop for a week and it feels so great. I really don't want to ruin the ending of my week off. I'd rather spend the time with my family.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm going to PD this weekend


For my high school reunion thing. Received the invitation card in mail last week, was so surprised by it actually. Cool organising committee! Yeah I salute you people.

They've attached a map inside - alhamdulillah coz I have no idea where it is. In the agenda - "Make sure you have something RED with you". Hmmmm... what's that about? I have ALOT of red stuff. Actually I would've bought a red car but my mom was againts it so I picked white instead. Does that make me a red person? Never crossed my mind though, not until I saw the agenda that triggered all this walking down the memory lane looking for anything red.

Anyways, I don't know what to expect. All I know is I'm going to meet the married version of my friends - heh! Husbands/wives/kids in tow. Should be cute. Especially when learning their kid's names - omg you wouldn't believe how modern my friends can be.

Should ask if they're having a 'konvoi' or something. If there's possibility of carpooling and whatnot. Hikmah - my high school best friend called me the other night out of the blue. Being naughty as the way she is, she wouldn't introduced herself at first. But hey I'm good at recognising voices... :P Each and everyone has a distinct way of talking, pronounciating and emphasizing. You can't hide from me Hikmah.

What red stuff should I bring?

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm giving these away people!

I think this one would appeal to all chicks - A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern, it's a chicklit. Got this via bookcrossing.com - I was so happy the day when it arrived. But in the end I don't really like it. I don't get the storyline.

[caption id="attachment_1391" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Free books!"]



I'm only going to give it away to a fellow bookcrosser so go and register yourself if you want this free. Yes I'll just mail it to you, no need to pay me anything. Yea I'm that generous :P . I got it for free too from someone in Germany. See the journal here.

Well well since we're on giving away mood, anyone wants this too? The Olive Season: Amour, a New Life and Olives Too. I reached halfway and now I forgot what I read and kinda lazy to reread it. This one is actually travel-biographical thing. A british actress got married and now living in Italy and growing olives. See journal. Ah bliss! Wish I could just go somewhere and grow strawberries and shoes.

And also Call Me Elizabeth by Dawn Annandale up for grabs. This one is biography I guess. It's basically the author's life as a call girl in London. I don't like it. See journal.

Looks like I'm giving away books I don't like today.... hmmm... well there's time for everything.

Want any of the books? Here's how it works.

  1. PM me via your bookcrossing account. Else, I won't accept.

  2. I'll get back to you for your address, doesn't matter where you live.

  3. I'll mail it to you.

  4. When you get it you better journal it down in your bookcrossing account or I will personally hunt you down and hire an assassin.

Hey it's free, do some work ok.

Breathtaking views

Was at INCOSSH 2008, and somehow we ended up in an executive suite. Nothing to brag about since we only got to enjoy the bedroom area - the living room and the dining area left untouched. It would be fun if we were on a holiday, we wouldn't have left it as neat. Anyway, I only listen to 1 or 2 of the talks - the beach was distracting me. Truth be told, I didn't even get my feet on the sandy beach! We were that occupied. But I enjoyed the ocean breeze all the same during tea breaks and night strolls.

[caption id="attachment_1346" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="OSCC booth always looks the same anywhere - same colors, same buntings, same words"]



[caption id="attachment_1347" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="View from the balcony"]



The view from the balcony was excellent!

[caption id="attachment_1351" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="View from balcony"]



[caption id="attachment_1348" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Another view from the room balcony"]



[caption id="attachment_1349" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The pool "]



[caption id="attachment_1350" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The pool from the conference hall level"]



I'm on leave for starting from today until the next Friday!! Woohoo!! So many things to do. Hope to get everything done then.

Missed FOSS.my monthly meetup last night. Urghh!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Why did I procastinate?

Somebody help me with this please!

I knew I had to finish up some stuff this weekend but I kept on delaying it until the last minute, this very wee hour. You know what I did the whole weekend? Friday night, I was out with family. Saturday, the whole day I spent watching tv - you don't know how tv-deprived I was. Saturday nite, I can't remember what I did actually. On Sunday, I woke up really late doing stuff I don't remember what the night before. I didn't go straight to work, instead I went cleaning up my room, rearranged and refolding clothes, took a long shower (my heater is broken! isk), watched some more tv, watched some dvd's, well until it was 11. I went to play games after that (that expert level on Majesty rox). Made some coffee, grilled some fish, downloaded some music, then only I started looking at the work I was supposed to do. It was 2am.

Why did I procastinate?

On a side note, have to work on FOSSchix.my soon. I don't think any meeting can be held before that FOSS meetup. So sad, there's something coming up on 3 - 5 Dec. Damn you government for holding so many events and what's that star rating.