Friday, November 30, 2007

When everyone is here

Aaahhh I like it when everyone is online - opis meriah. Kalau tak mesti banyak offline, kat site la ape la. And the Pandion would look soooo dull I can't even describe how dull it is. Look at this, berwarna-warni I so the like ok. Hehehehheheheh... giler suker tengok sume colleagues ada!


Today we all went to TGI for lunch, Ganee said it's to show LAVA appreciation for all our hardwork all year long. Aiyak, come to think of it, if I leave, year end bonus tak dapat kot. Uwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! All those work, all those late nights. Everytime I think about it, I feel so terrible.

During get together like this (which happens alot aka lunch break), they would talk endlessly about coming projects and big plans and this and that. I can't take it any longer, feeling so out of place. Even though I'm still here but I feel like an outsider already. Ah so sad. Usually when this happens, I would always think of the rest of my colleagues - in so many different levels, their personality, their good jokes and bad ones, their professionalism and hardwork, they are just the greatest colleagues around.

I still owe Ajeed lasagna. Aiyak that reminds me of grocery shopping - bila plak nak pegi nih. Have to hurry before he goes to Terengganu for that big project. Weh Adda, nanti ada masuk opis sini tak before the 9th? Karang termiss la plak makang2.


Janice ada bawak camera tapi tak bagitau... cehhhh.... Rugi tak amik gambar time makan2.

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