Friday, November 9, 2007

I smell death

I'm pronouncing my mouse as dead. After a year long service (only a year ah????), it is now has found it's final resting place -- under my bed. Was it worth RM40++? Only my next has yet acquired mouse will tell. Alaaa malasnye nak pegi beli lain.... someone pegi tulon belikan bleh??? Adda, ko cari mouse elok2 sket, karang time AGM bawak sekalilah, kang aku bayar balik.... lalalalala...

But until then I'll be using this bulky aka sangatla ugly ler tak terkata (and clicking punya la tak smooth and noisy) thing I saw sitting somewhere kat printer server. So I take lah... As long as it works baby I don't care.

Yesterday was Deepavali and I forgot to bring it home so I had to use the touch pad all day. Lenguhnya ya ampun! So bulky pun bulky lah as long I'm not hurting meself.

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