Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Daily routine

In the morning, my alarm rings. I get up. I look at the time. Snooze. Then I take a pillow, hold it and lie back down. I close my eyes and usually I fall back into sleeping.

After 6 minutes my alarm rings again. I get up. I look at the time. Snooze again. The same process repeats.

Another 6 minutes, it rings again. And the same process repeats.

Again another 6 minutes. Now I'll really look at the time and this is when I know whether I'm going to be late or not. What happens after this really depends on that. If I know I'm going to be late, I'll get the kelambu out of my way and put out one feet out of bed and force myself to stand up. If not, I'll just press snooze again. So let's say I know I'm going to be late.

What happens next usually involve me checking myself in the mirror first, comb my hair abit, tie it if necessary and then going to the shower. I'll spend around 15-20 minutes (mandi and putting on my lenses) and after drying myself, I'll stand in the middle of the room pondering what to wear that day.

So let's just say it's a normal working day and I'm feeling lazy to walk out of the room to iron something. I take a look at my jeans and I'll play mix and match in my head (jeans + baju + tudung). After I know what I'm going to wear, I reach for my body lotion and slather it on. Then I put on some face moisturizer. I grab the jeans and the baju I want and put them on. I'll go back to the mirror and put on some light make up. I reach for my tudung and put it on. Then I spritz some wangi wangian, put on my watch and take a last look at full length mirror.

Then I pack up my laptop into the backpack. Reach for my phone on the bed and put it inside my handbag. I'll switch off the lamps and walk out. I find my car keys, put my stuff inside and turn on the ignition. I'll walk back inside the house looking for food (if any) and salam mak + abah. I open the gate and drive out.

Then I spend some time on the road, passing through real uncivilized territory, to get to work.

When I got to the office, first I unpack the backpack and set up the laptop. I switch it on. While waiting for it to log me in, I make myself a drink. I check my mail. Check my facebook. Then I'll use up all my fight points to beat down werewolves, zombies and slayers that day. I'll check if there's any favor I should return (sending baked items, smileys, pokes, answering some true/false questions etc). The rest of the day is spent sitting on my chair looking at the screen and working, up until it is time to go back - hardly any physical activity involved.

Going back home, I'll face the same primitive, ungodly territory.

I arrive home and after locking the car and the gate, I go straight to my room. I take out my phone from my handbag and throw it on the bed. I take off my tudung. Wash my face and put on glasses. I change to my comfy tee and pants. I go to the kitchen and have my dinner. During this time I have my daily tv treats. After that, depending on how my day has been, either I'll take a shower or skip it. If I didn't have enough sleep the previous night, I'll just go to sleep. If not, or if I have urgent matters to look into (as most times) I'll set up my laptop and sit at my desk, working it out. Most of the time I won't be online on YM. But some friends know how to get in touch - they'll find a way.

I'll switch off the main lamp and turn on my bedside lamp instead. This is my most relaxed time. Either I have work to do or not, the laptop will be on. I may continue watch tv or catch up on reading but I let it switched on. Sometimes I have music playing softly in the background but the room is dimly lit, the way I like it best.

When it strucks 12, I climb into bed. Pull down the kelambu, pull up some covers, and go to sleep. I don't need to set the alarm since it's configured for everyday.

If the next day is a working one, the whole thing repeats itself. If it turns out to be a day off/weekend, it's a whole different routine, mostly involving me still curling in bed till noon....lalallala.... hey blame it on the curtains. They're thick they're blocking the light from coming in so it looks like it's still dark out.

Don't know why on earth would you be interested in reading this post but I suddenly realize today how routin-ic I have been. It's the same thing everyday. How ignorant have I been. How typical. If I skimmed through my day like I just did, I know now more than ever that I need a life (ahhh ni yang kena buat rebonding ni). Splurge some, gain some. I need some adventure. Maybe some weird shoes that I never going to wear just to say someday "Hey I had that once".

"I painted my nails once but oh so pain in the ass nak makan nasi tak boleh guna tangan. And what a waste of money because end of period week you kena remove it. But hey, I did it once."

"I bought a RM600++ pair of baju kurung I really like once. Still fits but only wear it like 3 or 4 times in this lifetime. But hey, I bought it. Says something don't you think?"

"I went to french classes before. Yeah met some really cool french people, speaking french with them, and not to mention the ridiculous fees I have to pay every term. Yea I had some offers to go visit them in France during summer, but I turned them down. You know how it is when you're too busy socializing you forgot about the offer. But you know what, I was good in french."

"I signed up for a dance class last time. Yea I can recommend you a good dance teacher. If you ever want a partner, I'm happy to fill in the space. You want me to instruct you? Yeah sure. I did that once."

Ok I don't know why I have this thoughts but it's fun hahahahahaha.

Aahhhh the fine luxury of bragging - you don't even realize you're doing it.

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