Monday, November 12, 2007


Ok right now I can't contain my excitement.

[1] I got new tiger mouse! Hahahahah thanks Janice. The mouse is so like her, she likes anything cartoon-like things so ok I don't mind having a piece to remember her by. Not that she needs anything to have people reminded of her lah. The mouse is soooo smooth I'm so in love... - this is insane.

[2] Not so excited about this one but hey, I got new Microsoft Office 2007 installed today. Fullamak I'm so impressed. Not someone who puts Microsoft above anything else, I have to give it to them. Nice. It took me a while to accept that maybe they're doing a great job - I didn't like Vista at all when I first had to use it. But it turns out nicely, haven't given me any major problems integrating with other software. So, ok lah. As long as you don't give me problems and I can get my ob done, I have no quarrels.

[3] Abah tolong cucikan kete ari ni. Ok I'm not excited about this, I'm embarrased. I forgot to wash it during the weekend - busy lah with work and cooking and baking for Mueh. The car was in a state of beyond hygenic. Covered with dirt and dust I think you can make a dust drawing on the windows.... ah you knowla it's been raining lately. So this morning when I let the engine warm up for a while, abah tarik the hose and kain and started washing... ala abah... heheheheheh.... tenkiu. Senyum melebar je laaaaa.....

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