Friday, November 16, 2007

Dozing off

What a busy week. I haven't slept well for over 3 days in a row now. All for that TN rebranding thing, migrating stuff and all. The thing is we have very tight deadlines. And since it involves lots of users during the day, we have to do it by night. And during the night we did it, all the way until wee hours in the morning. My back hurts. My head is spinning. My eyes are popping out.

Am I complaining? No, because there is not enough reasons to complaint about. It's not everyday. In fact it is actually seasonal. Last time when I had this kind of work was when we were doing Mofaz. That was what, in March? February? Before that it was Sismi (hmmmppphh!).

I've accepted the nature of my job and I've said it many times before that I love my job. I talk about it alot (just like any other woman - you don't have to understand what we really saying), but I get my job done. I sound like I'm complaining but actually it's to get it off my chest. Ridiculously busy and hectic it may be, but I'm loving every minute of it. The best thing is, my managers are excellent. He allowed us to work from home. He gave me and Janice a day off today, since we've been working on it like all hell have broken loose. So thank you for being understanding. In fact I should be sleeping right now but I remember about the condition of my blog here (I recently moved to a new host). Somehow in the middle of it all I lost touch with the world around me. Luckily it was only for awhile.


This tiny little creature makes Nuhaa really happy.

Ok I'm going to hit the sack and fall in a deep deep deep sleeeeeep.

UPDATE: well well well we've received this email congratulating everyone for their parts in the project, only it is very sad to look at the mention on LAVA - a mere 'Special mention to our partners Lava for assistance during migration works'. Excuse me, but an assistance?? We were not on standy, but we were working. Can you make out the difference between the two? We were working our asses off! As in constantly having headaches troubleshooting, skipping meals and not sleeping while at it. We never took our hands off the keyboard. Well excuse me for being so emotional but we did the most part of the work, if not same as your team. This is what happens when credits is not given when it's due. Sucks big time. You should work more on your complimenting skills... isk panas panas...

And thank god for Ganee. Calms me down. Yeah give him a piece of your mind the next time you see him, that ungrateful over privileged Skali employee.

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