Monday, November 12, 2007

Layan hormon jap

Have you heard Me & Mrs Jones, Michael Buble's version?? Oh god I'm going to die. I could listen to it over and over and over again. I'm so attached to the song right now. Never mind it's about cheating people (alalalla), I can't stop feeling weak listening to him singing it.

I'm such an oldie at heart. I don't know if I'm qualified to say I like jazz because the jazz artists I seem to know only include Buble, Norah Jones and Jamie Cullum. Something about jazz is it's like it can be slow, cute, fast beat, cheeky, sad, sexy, dirty or simply happy. So much variety coming from one kind of music. And the lyrics are so simple and easy to remember, they sound fun and catchy. I don't think any other music can have lyrics like "Tell me when will you be mine. Tell me quando quando quando?" or "I won't dance, don't ask me. I won't dance, Madame, with you".

I first came to really like Buble when I first heard Home more than a year ago. The song is spectacular of course but more important thing is his voice. I got the same feeling like that time I heard Siti in that Puteri Gunung song -- alahai merdunya. I never noticed it earlier because he was always in very upbeat songs. Those music can play tricks on your ears especially the musically untrained ones like mine. You can hardly say Home is a jazz song but nevertheless, I don't think anyone else could have sung it better than he does. Seriously.

He probably succeeds in making it look easy and effortless but his songs are not easy to sing. He does alot of covers of other great artists, and those too are difficult songs - "A Song For You", "Fever", "Try A Little Tenderness" etc.

Ooh help! Nights like this, when it's raining, with dimmed lights, listening to slow songs, to that voice. Perfect perfect song to slow dance to (guys you should learn how to dance ~~~~). How can anyone have such mesmerizing voice?? Merayu-rayu alahai...

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