Sunday, November 4, 2007

I wonder...

I'm looking at my friends' profiles. Gone were the days where all their points is 0. Now it's like 3333 for movies, 4445 for tv shows, 200 vampire points and whatnot etc. I bet they've been using up their opis time to do it all. There are loads and loads of other apps inside there and god knows how much time they spent on each one.

But I don't blame them. I truly understand how it can be addictive. Today I logged in my facebook account and saw some pokes and answered some true/false questions - during which I laughed every so often looking at the questions and the pokes. So that makes it fun.

Some people just have the drive to stay on top of the list so they work hard at it. Invites, answering quizzes, fights etc. When you're addicted, you're addicted.

I don't know lah how these people get lots of points so fast. But congrats anyway lah... shows how much you NOT work kat opis hahahhahah...

Anyway, AGM is coming soon. I believe good news are coming for all the Lavarians (bonus bonus). But nothing for me I guess since I'm leaving. Truth be told, I'd like to have an mc on that day so I won't feel too discouraged. It's hard you know, being surrounded by good people and share with them the good news and celebrate it and be jolly and happy and fat and everything. Of course I'll do that anytime with them but just a bad timing.

So you see what John Mayer has been saying in his song is right - "bad news never has good timing".

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