Thursday, December 29, 2005

Looking up

We were scrounging the store room under the stairs last night. I found abah's stuff very interesting. We found abah's paperwork on his presentation on using the asbestos cement pipe in Sijangkang like 10 years ago. The slides are still in good conditons. Also there are stacks of his books while he was studying. I believe those were his textbooks. Lots and lots of water supply resources. I got to know his writing when he was younger than I am. hehe.

And on that night also I learned that besides his engineering degree, he also has 2 diplomas from UKM! One in Pengajian Islam and the other in Pengajian Al-Quran. I knew he was studying but I did not know he was working his way on diplomas. He was taking Bahasa Arab (UIA) when he was taken away from his family. He would've succeeded had he finished it but alas. Never mind that. When there's a will, there's a way. From someone who didn't understand arabic at all, now he can translate Quran literally word by word - harfiah la. Wow. He beat me! I think he's a qualified khatib - he attended a course on it. Hmm... not sure, will ask mak.

The point is, he has achieved so many. I'm so jealous. Studying part time pon, he worked hard to get what he wanted. I think my parents have showed me how to live my life lah. Belajar selagi boleh. Be an educated person. After all, sahabat nabi sume educated. Cuma education jer berlainan. Diorang sume pandai hal ehwal agama. Tapi later after zaman sahabat nabi, banyak muslim scholars yang juga wali at the same time.

I'm so in awe. How do I accomplish more than what he has, if not the same? Kecik nyer rasa diri ni.

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