Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I've finished The Da Vince Code. What a magnificent book! I know it got very wide and rave reviews since published and became an instant favorites among ulat buku worldwide, but I never did put an effort to read it because I knew it's not in my type of books. But everytime when Ammar & I went to bookstore I always persuaded him with the talks of "Ammar, belila buku ni. Kang dah baca, citer kat kaklong ekkk", "Ammar tau tak buku ni glamer. Sume orang nak baca", "Buku ni inspire National Geographic buat documentary tau tak. Buku yang penah sampai tahap tu, setau kaklong, LOTR + Harry Potter jer. Phenomenon!", "Belila beli laaaaa....", etc along that line, most of the time in front of mak. Hint hint la tu malas kuar duit nyer pasal...eheheheh....

Until one day, mak bought him the book. Terperanjat gak because Ammar gave me his review based on the back cover "Ala ni citer penyiasatan lah" - he reads fantasies. LOTR, David Eddings', you get the picture. When he started reading it, I asked how was it? It turned out that he likes it - especially the way the author put the words together. It's thick but mind you he's a fast reader.

So bermula la pertanyaan2 ku buku tu citer hape. Tapi slalu dia tak bagi jawapan yang memuaskan so terpaksa la decide baca buku tu, dengan berat hatinyer... After reading a few pages, I couldn't put down the book... terkena kat diri sendiri plak....kehkeh... tu lerr..buku best tanak baca. Engaging lah citer dia. Pastu plak "All desriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in this novel are accurate".

Kesimpulannyer buku tu memang best!

hmmm.... whatever happens to my hiatus state?? Am I indecisive or simply addicted to blogging??

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