Monday, December 12, 2005


Went to Anugerah Carta Nasyid IKIM 2005 last Saturday. Well it was a short notice invite. I got a VIP one..hahah... I was working on that day. I went to Damansara Perdana afterwards making my way through 1mil duplet condos... Syoknyer... Kalu dapat beli umah sendiri sekecik mana pon dah bertuah dah. 1mil worth of real estate? Errr... I'm not saying I can't possibly get it but I know where I stand now (can't possibly earn that much money soon enough) unless I married a very very very rich man. Muaahahahahaha like that's gonna happen.

Anyway, 1mil story aside. I went to SACC Mall after that. So it happened my friend was there and I got invited. And Rabbani was one performing so being a true fan I couldn't resist. I was in my casual work attire (translation: flare jeans + sleeveless doll top + goggle jacket). I knew it didn't suit the function I was going to. But it was too late to go back home and change. I was hoping I could bring my family along but I got only 1 pass. So I begged my friend (subtly) if I could get more passes. It was hopeless considering that it was one of those very last minute passes they held so dear, reserving it for special guests. Euurgghh... well fine. I was told to wait for a while by my friend. And I was enjoying watching Rabbani rehearsed.... when suddenly 4 extra passes flashes before my eyes. *gasp* Although I was hoping for it but my expectations were low. So I quickly rang my mother jitterly. Oh I was so touched somebody would go all the way to get those for me so that I could come. Very thoughtful don't you think?

When the guests were all pouring in, they were properly dressed - very the muslimah and alim like. Felt like out of place but hey I couldn't care less. But deep inside I was giggling the whole time, trying to act like nothing was out of ordinary lah kann... Rilek beb rilekkkk...kui kui... What actually running through those minds?

So I waited for Otel at the entrance. Ammar and mak takmoh datang... (rugi ler)... After so much pain in the ass giving the direction of where I was waiting for him then he arrived. He only wore a simple slack and a torn tee... talk about adding more self-concious in the clan. He didn't realize it when he was putting it on earlier. Taklah banyak, only the seam of the shirt on his right shoulder were a little torn open. Still it was visible. I showed him the passes and we were escorted to the VIP entrance. People there were so dressed up for the occasion but here we were lenggang lenggok with you know what attire and selamba faces on display, making through our way to the VIP registration booth. Otel was so shocked he didn't know we were VIPs.... eheheheheh.... I didn't do it on purpose, I just forgot to tell him. Yes seriously I did, but it was a funny moment. He was so restless and kept whispering "eh VIP ke. nape tak cakap awal2??!!! malulah!", "eiiish dah la pakai baju camni jer", "diorng senyum je tgk kita" (when being ushered to the VIP seats), "malulah nak jalan. usher tu pon pakai sket nyer smart" and the like. You get the picture. I couldn't help giggling. It was funny.

That's the moment that stood out for the night. Other than Rabbani performing that is. Eh, I've never heard of Mirwana's songs before and it won the first prize (erk!). I was sooooo heran when the audience was begitu teruja dengan kumpulan nasyid ini. Hmmm... insaf sekejap. Tu lah asik dengar Rabbani je. Punyela excited diorg... clapping sket nyer kuat, siap cat calls lagi tuh! For me the best performance would be the one from the guest performers: Brothers & Nowseeheart. They were singing medley of nasyid dulu2 sampai skang. Best ah dengar lagu dulu2. Lagi best kalau dia main muzik live. All those paluan2 percussions etc. *ngelamun*

All in all it was a great night. Orang heran why I like Rabbani so much. Actually I like the way they interact with the audience on stage. And they got great voices and harmony! Rabbani and Hijjaz were in a group once. Raihan in other. Maahad Hamidiah had a group, SMKAKL had one. UPM had one. I've been a fan since I was a kid. I grew up with nasyid so I know when a lagu lama plays on some new group's record. Diberi nafas baru and all that, still nothing can beat the originals.

Oh I'm applying leaves on this Thurs and Fri. I don't care if they froze all leaves and throw it away to die alone. I'm not gonna part with them anytime soon. Aku disuruh pindah so aku nak cuti! Bwahahahaha

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