Monday, December 19, 2005


I feel like talking about a person today. She sat next to me in high school. She's the one who helped to make me lose my temper easily back then. Things I remember about her:

1. She's afraid of lightnings/thunders.
2. We were the only two students who didn't go back home once. We stayed in the aspuri for 2 days and played ping pong. She won everytime.
3. She's crazy.
4. She's always got on my nerve at school. But I don't know why I always gave in.
5. She's manja.
6. She told me a story, in musolla when we were supposed to listen to tazkirah given, about somebody who enjoys tarik telekung orang until it's senget while praying. She laughed at the idea while I was furious. Tak baiklah kacau orang semayang! (how did I end up being so boring?)
7. In KMT class, dia amik gergaji letrik tuh, pastu terus potong kayu. Kayu tu jadi sengat la kan sebab tak ukur dulu. Rosak abis, Cikgu Zul punyalah marah. Si Basheer siap ngumpat lagik.
8. Dia ni memang kena marah selalu ngan Cikgu Zul. Kesian gak tgk tapi dia buat tak kisah jek.
9. She loves cute anything - babies, people, etc.
10. She has a great smile.
11. She's graceful. I hope the guys wont have such a hard time believing it coz it's true.

Ada banyak lagi, although vaguely, in my head but then I'm at work. So I taip mana yang teringat. Anyway, she and I had a history together however brief it was. I think some of my friends have already figured out who's the person by now. After PMR she moved to Kedah.

Things I've realized about her later on:
1. She's fun and playful.
2. She cares for people.
3. She's beautiful.
4. She takes things easy.
5. She's actually always calm and composed (I think so, because she seems so).
6. She's probably the only one I'd ever know to be that crazy and unique.

Then we had a trip to PD and that was the first time in a million years since we've last met. She was sitting with a group of people whom I was sure were not from the alumni. I took a glance and looked away. She was smiling. She looked so familiar but she seemed like she was with the group sitting there, so no way we should've known each other. I looked again and looked away again. I was with a few friends and we were talking and asking around where the heck was everybody else. Suddenly she stood up and walked towards us. And at that instance her name struck in my brain like never before lah. Seriously I knew she worked in the UK, camana leh ada kat mesia lak nih???? Could it be?

And of all the words I should've said, "Hey.... I know your face" came out of my mouth! Badi LOTR tak abis lagi time tuh. A sudden warmth came over me. She hasn't changed physically at all, except for of course the beauty and grace of a lady, clearly visible lah. I was speechless. I mean I had a lot to say, a lot to ask but couldn't say it. And the rest of the PD trip was good. She spent lots of time with Aslam and Noe. I only looked from afar. How a girl has grown so much. I was so glad that she came to PD that weekend. She left early, Noe sent her off. I was still in bed that morning.

A month ago, suddenly I got a news about her from someone else. And that sudden warmth (like the one in PD) got to me again. It didn't matter from whom I got the news since I understood her situation. I recalled all the things that we had shared during high school. And the time in PD, however brief. Wow. Nothing in the world could explain how happy I was for her. So despite that it was supposed to be a quiet ceremony, and I wasn't supposed to know, I left her a message anyway. There was nothing I could say much online. Only deepest and sincerest congrats, and that I understood her situation.

Then I received an invitation! I knew that she had been calculative and careful on who to invite looking at the seat allocations. I felt so honored since it was only for close family and friends.

She looked beautiful last night. It being one of her happiest moment in her life, I can't blame her. Sparks were flying everywhere. She looked so shy though.... biasalah pengantin melayu. The food was superb. I hope she doesn't mind I'm writing about it here. Your pics are going to be uploaded soon in the group anyway... hehe....

So I am here writing to say thank you for the opportunity to be part of your big night. To Samira and Nasir Hadrien Dumont, I wish you well for the future, and hope you enjoy a long and happy marriage.

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