Saturday, December 17, 2005


Ok now despite my hiatus status, I feel like making an entry today.

I was on leave on Thu and Fri. Was busy mengemas rumah @ Sijangkang + Shah Alam. I got the back room (yes!!!) but it's always warm aka hangat in there (nooooo!!!!) so I pujuk mak to install one air-cond in which she already said yes (yesss! yess!!) but we still don't know when they're going to do it (oh no).

Moving is like going to war only that it's not fatal. Sooo many furnitures and kotak. Oh yes and pasu-pasu bunga mak. Some of there had to be sent to some store in I don't know where because the new house is like 1/3 big off current one. Rumah besar pon nak buat ape ye tak? Nanti susah nak ngemas.

Besides unbelievably tired body, I've suffered 3 cuts in 2 days. Isk! The last time I really went all out like this was when I was living in campus (I had to walk to go everywhere) and when moving in and out of hostel, every semester, 3 years in a row but no cuts. I was such a healthy girl. Now that most of my time spent driving or sitting in front of pc there's hardly any exercise involved. So it's good that we're moving. I feel like all my tendons and muscles are getting a long due treatment.

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