Friday, December 2, 2005

keje dah nak siap... woohoo!!!

Water Quality Management System. After 2 full months of torture and tormenting myself, it's finally ready. All those late nights and skipping lunch, it's going to be out soon. The engine is already there, only needs some tweaking here and there. Oh it's soooo good to breath a free air at last. Phew! Geram siot asik balik lambat, weekend pon kena datang keje. Takde life langsung. That other day, just for the sake of Harry Potter, mengulat gak aku gi tgk morning show. Had to curi the time (what kind of life is that, had to curi the time to enjoy yourself). I went to office in the afternoon, got back around 7. And that was on Sunday. So you know how a typical week looks like to me. I have been working 7 days a week. Clearly my work takes a huge space in my life. I think it's fine though since I don't have commitments. Hmm.... good good.

But I also think I need to make some room for my friends lah. I treasure all of them but it now looks like I don't really do. I don't mind adding new ones, I welcome them open-heartedly. Come come don't be shy... I won't bite.

Hmmm... my friends. I care for these people but I stopped showing it ever since I started working. And being in my line of work, with time so scarce and datelines staring right at you breathing down your neck.... isk! I turned down invites and soirees and jom-lepak calls! What was I thinking??

We're going to present the WQ Unit the prototype and as soon as they agree on it, it'll be in the production. The system still has a number of modules left (I only completed the first crucial 2 to get it started), so late nights will happen again soon enough. Aiyak! The air is not so free lah nampaknya. Well at least I get to break free even if it only for a week. Boleh cuti-cuti malaysia. And cuci-cuci mata.

I foresee lots and lots of maintenance and technical support coming my way. Aiyak! Aiyak! Aiyak!

Still, I love my job. It's hard to leave it if I pursue a master's. No matter how hard I complaint this and that, I love working hard. Cynical as it sounds, I love staying up late working. My mom thinks I'm crazy and this type of person couldn't possibly exist. I'd like to think I'm committed...hehe...

Hmmm.... maybe I should not take sides. When mothers say something, they say it with their child's betterment in mind. Still I'd like to think I'm committed. So don't take sides, take a little from both sides with a pinch of salt.

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