Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Happy new year!

Hey hey hey... A very happy and prosperous new year to all!

Guess what I did yesterday? It was a very spontaneous act lah. I got a new cell... keh keh.... and it's the new Sony Ericsson nonetheless. Well actually the phone I had fell off hard - Ammar is a witness. And I believe the speaker is broken and somehow something or somewhere between the transmitter and the coverage is trailing off by seconds - Ajai can be my witness here.

This is a sentimental issue. I've been with the old phone for over 3 years now, after 2 years of abah using it. I love the monophonic ring tone better than polyphonic actually. I don't quite get it why people like to listen to the radio-like ringing tone when it doesn't even have a radio function in it. Maybe that's exactly the point - what you can't have, you can at least pretend like you have it. It's cool and people like to be considered cool. Well that's my 2 cent on the matter. Anyway, yeah it was hard not using the Nokia. It has been of a great service to me. Not to mention that it was once abah's. I believe it still is. I have the intention of returning it to the rightful owner but I think he'll get a new better one when he comes back home. Whatever it is, I loved that phone.

So now with the Sony Ericsson era dawns on me, I better get used to it (had been a Nokia user) because I intend to utilize it to the max up until perhaps 5, 6 years time. I don't change my cell every now and then like some people do, see I'm a loyal person.... and practical. What good would it bring me if I keep messing up with my brain trying to adjust to new configurations etc etc? I don't have time for that thank you very much.

Hmm... I think I've made a right decision picking the right cell fo me. It's gonna be a valuable asset and necessity sure thing. I thought I'd pick one of those small cute flip-flip cell, clamshell they call it... eheh... but I found myself disliking the miniature too tiny shape for my taste. Susah wehh nak tekan keypad tuh. Kiut sangat pon leh jadi less appealing. The one I got has a very sturdy feel to it. And it rotates to open, not flips - the number 1 feature I stay away from. I think flips make any cellphone receive quite a hard slap lah. Bergegar sume kapasitor, transmitter, bulbs, etc kat dalam tuh. They need a very careful and graceful owner lah, I think. Which I'm not so keen of being... lalalala....

Lama2 tgk, nampak cam cantik plak si Sony Ericsson nih.. ahahaha.... besa la tepon sendiri mmg la kata lawa. One glance, you might mistake it for a digital camera or a mini radio. Seriously. Go take a look. What's best is that it's orange! Dapat white housing free tapi orange gak best. And it does function as a radio and a camera. Also an MP3 player. Speaker dia giler best tatau nak kata camana. Dia siap kasik CD ripping software lagi. Muahahahahahaa.... gelak besar aku wehh....

Hmm.... have I made a right decision ahhh??? Eiiii... takut ilang cam kamera ari tuh. Nangis tak berlagu kang.

Manual dia kasik dlm french. Aiyak! Saje nak perli aku ke hape ni....

Oh yeah, now I'm officially a Sijangkang resident with a Telok Panglima Garang address.

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