Thursday, January 3, 2008

What is your Kamasutra IQ?

I've just answer a set of quiz on facebook. And I must say it's pretty hilarious. Not the questions but my reactions. What is kamasutra? Could it be 'Exploration of how virtue, prosperity, and eroticism are mutually interdependent' or is it just plain 'sexual position manual'? How the hell should I know? The former is supposed to sound tranquil (I think) but they sound so funny with artistic location of words put together it's disturbing. So I pick latter instead. What else could have described it anyway.

What should be the priority in life, according to Kamasutra? Is it a) Virtuous living, b) Be Green, c) Entrepreneurship, d) Pleasure or e) Partying?

I'm telling you I'm so tempted to pick (b) but then again my result would be lower wouldn't it? I can't take pride in lower scores....

What scam.

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