Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm starting to love living in Putrajaya/Cyberjaya. I went back here after a weekend at Taman Perwira last night and I was stunned at how Putrajaya looks like at night. Brimming with lights and bright and so colorful. It is sad to admit that the city looks alive only from afar. Wait till you get inside.

Putrajaya to me is all apartment buildings and terrace houses and 2-storey bungalows and grass and trees and lots of empty roads. It is so quiet. Number of schools are reasonable but that doesn't apply to me does it. It's close to UPM, Lim Kok Wing, MMU which I sooo the like. Traffic jam equals to non-existent, that surely a plus plus point. I can get out of the house at 8.10am and still manage to arrive at work before 8.30am. What I like the most is I can prepare my own breakfast and lunch now. Terrific!

Anyway, like I said, beautiful at night doesn't mean everything finds you easy. If I want to shop for groceries, I have to go all the way to Alamanda or pasar basah Prescint 8. If I want to isi minyak then have to stop by at Precint 9 and they only have Petronas here... hmmphhhhff! I don't know where can I get my car washed around here. If malas nak masak at night then have to go out far for food. Movies are like aliens here since they don't have any cinema around. And I heard the building I live in right now is not ready for internet connection yet. WHAT??!!!!

I feel sick.

But you know what, of all decent things here in Putrajaya, I like the dataran putra (mosque) at night best (so far). Oh it's just the best place to unwind ~~~

I expect hanging out at Seri Wawasan bridge while eating KFC will top that off soon.

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