Friday, January 25, 2008

Empty soul

I've been feeling a little strange lately like I lamented in previous post. Yesterday morning on my way to work, I met an accident. I rammed straight into a bike moving from the opposite direction.
I didn't see him coming right until it happened. I won't go into details here since I'm still feeling down.

This morning I reversed the car too much it hit the divider.

Now my car looks like it's been through series of rummages. Funny thing is I don't really care, not as much as I did before.

I'll need money to fix that but I haven't given it a thought yet. This past month, money has been flowing out like water, what with moving and travelling and whatnot. Would this make a difference? No, right? So who the hell cares.

Something is wrong here, obviously. But what could it be? I'm losing focus.

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