Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking for a room to rent is such a pain in the ass!

I had just spent the whole day scouring for information online. What a total lack of kesedaran IT betul lah these people. Ape la salahnye post ad online so senang orang nak cari betul tak? It's sooo hard to get a listing. Well, it's easy to get a listing but it's not alot to start with. Well at least there are starting points so thank god for that. Lookit me I'm nagging... lalalala

I should be doing something else today. Instead I got a headache.

Isyyy macam-macam....

Anyway, I have to give it to myself for my total brilliant-ness for taking the whole week off. Looks like my random act of spontaneity is paying off. Giler penat. It turned out I have so much stuff going on.

The rooms I'm going to see this weekend is RM350 - RM485. Mak! Perut macam ditoreh dengan pisau lipat ok. Can you imagine the deposit amount? Giler materialistik zaman sekarang nih. All cheaper rooms all taken. Hisyh! I know there's a few more hidden from plain view but I'm just total blank when it comes to house hunting. Mak tulon!

Sape2 ada contact kat Cyberjaya/Seri Kembangan, please la be kind and help me out.

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