Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm bored at work! Help!

Things are going so slow and I'm so bored. It's looking bleak but then again it's only been 2 days ;) and I had a long week to myself prior to that so no wonder I'm all restless. It's looking bleak nevertheless. But as my mom puts it, tak buat apa tapi gaji banyak takpa laaaaa..... (gaji tak banyak ye, my mom likes to exaggerate) but point taken.

Today I heard that someone was asking about *.rar, how to open it etc. That signaled my heart to pump faster and made me think what kind of team am I in? RAR pun tatau?! Seriyes risau but I found out later that person is not in my unit --- phew!

Hey it turned out one new colleague went for an interview at LAVA last year. He's a big guy so when I think about it, one big guy did come around Sept/Oct last year. Small world.

One more thing my manager is one cheeky thing. Right after I settled in, he said "We're going to give you Ubuntu" with that same menacing smile he gave me over and over during interview sessions. I believe I had my mouth agape but managed to cover it by looking away and stacking piles of paper on my desk. So I said "Alright..." and proceeded to worry.

A day later here I am, thinking what on earth was I so worried about? It's just a machine. If it doesn't work straight, go around it and kick it from behind.

p/s: I basically can't develop anything without Notepad++. Personally, there's just no other editor can match the level it's gloriously sitting on right now. I've been looking for its linux counterpart but still no sign. I miss my dark theme.

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