Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I got books to read! 2 of them! yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyea

Didn't expect them to arrive today but what a surprise... I'm so happy ngeeeeeeee

Thank you so much! Best aaa blek. Hmmm... anyway... 2 books! I'm so so so happy tralalalala.... that I giggled. Nothing wrong with that just that I have my own giggle. I think Adda would know how it sounds. Sort of let it out accidentally at office one time when I was deeply amused at one sms and immediately got remarks the likes of 'eiii nyampah aku dengar ko gelak camtu' or something like that hahaha.

And you know what the best part is. Getting this very foreign feeling over blek's handwriting on the envelope. Weird.... hehehe.... Seeing something real from you is just weird. Ye lah, I usually see words on screen, blog, email etc.

Speaking of handwriting, I have received a wedding invitation card from Adli. You know how you have this tiny little memories you can relate to people you know, regardless of how close or estranged you are. Ah this guy, I got a story about him... the memory just stuck there eventhough it's just a small one. Am reminiscing. Am amused. Am smiling. Well another time lah story story.

Need to reconjure caffeine practice. So much work but so little time. I find myself feeling drowsy as early as 9pm these days. What la.

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